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Jan 10, 2014

The Show Notes

Tarmac- don’t sleep!
Customer “service”
Power Bracelet con? YES!
Ask George
     - Stereo? from Mike Hall
- Time Sigs? from Greg
Beatles LOVE
Penn & Teller mini-fail
Interesting Fauna
- The Pacific Leaping Blenny
Best way to do Netflix?
Different Strings and A.M.M.O.A.C.I. (22 years ago!)

     - Paper Applause
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

The Pacific Leaping Blenny story

The Pacific Leaping Blenny vid


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ten and a half years ago

All disclaimers aside, Different Strings is kind of dated but really there's great stuff in there. Especially for someone who was a Moody Blues and Yes fan.


Stephen Jacob
ten and a half years ago

We have consistently found the PlayStation 3 (though I generally detest Sony) to have the best Netflix streaming app. It is the most reliable and somehow manages to get higher quality video at any given time than the AppleTV or TiVo Netflix apps.

You can definitely very effectively watch shows/movies on in a web browser on your computer or in the free iPhone/iPad app. I would guess if you had an AppleTV you could probably watch using the iPhone app but use AirPlay to send the output to your TV, but I have bit tried doing so with the netflix app on my phone.

A lot if modern TVs have built-in Netflix support, but ours is a little old for that.

Summary: PS3 if you have one. Otherwise, try devices you already own. If you don't own a device that can ebAbke you to watch on your TV, I'm buy super-impressed by the app on the AppleTV, so maybe try a Roku box? There's really cheap Roku boxes.

ten and a half years ago

Re Penn & Tellers new card trick - Penn talked about it on his 05/01/2014 episode of Penn's Sunday School and yes, it was premiered this week. He explains how it a send up of the Tex Ritter 'Deck of Cards' song.