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Jan 30, 2014

The Show Notes

Ukraine [sigh…]
Anchorage Report
Elephant Update
Penis in a Toaster
Ask George

     - Hearing old recordings? from Marc H.
     - Chinese influence? from Thomas T.
- Cover tunes? from Rob

     - Traditional grip? from J.D.M.
Homoslackass-Erectus? Really?
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

     - Richard Shahan from Les Firth
- Barry Minkow from Brandon Goff

     - Louisiana teacher & principle from Marc Francher
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Carrie P
over ten years ago

The cover Geo was speaking of. It's really really.

over ten years ago

The issue of hunting in Africa is a whole can of worms you probably don't want to get into but thought I'd chip in. Personally I think hunting of all wild endangered and threatened species like lions, rhinos and elephants be banned (did you know some countries still allow licensed hunting of rhinos which are already under extreme pressure). For what it's worth here is one link to a study that shows hunting tourism is of little economic benefit to african countries and almost no benefit to local communities.

I've been to africa on photography safari's. You can pay to take thousands photos of a lion but you can only kill it once. Botswana is one country recognizing the increased benefits of photography safari's and banning hunting concessions. Older elephants with large tusks and decades of memories of migratory routes and 'cultural' knowledge are becoming very rare.