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May 22, 2014

The Show Notes

The Best Typo In the History of Everything
Overprotected Kids Park
Ask George
     - Buying Stuff? from Marc in Bucks Co.
     - Tie Dye? from Charlie
The Weekly Standard
     - "Moonlight Serenade"
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Father Joshy John from Jim Palfreyman
     - The Iranian Arresting the “Happy”Dancers from Brandon Goff
Is this all still interesting?
 Show close

Mentioned in the Show

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Overprotected Kid Article

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Ms. Info sez, "Delicious Excursions would be a name upgrade for this place."

Jeff Bennett
over ten years ago

Yes, George, it's still interesting. I've been listening for years now and still love it.

The only thing I miss is your skits from back in the day: Nyet-flicks, "Gay or Southern", and such. My wife and I still use those as inside jokes.

You might not get the positive feedback you need, but we're out here, listening and enjoying every minute of it.

over ten years ago

Remember Michael and Evo's Winging It? That old goofy show that spawned out of the Dragon Page. It was back then that I started listening to your show. Over the years I've picked up some new podcasts and cut others loose. I even stopped listening to the ones that guided me to yours. (I will listen if Evo ever starts a new one. He is a hoopy frood.) I still listen to the Geologic podcast every week. It is the only one that has the 'one guy and a mic' format that has that honor. You put together a consistently great show. But is it interesting? Not only is it interesting but it also entertaining. One of my favorite sources of infotainment right up there with the BBC show QI with Stephen Fry (check it out on youtube if you don't know it.)

over ten years ago

Re: Interesting? (not that you care)
I just played the weekly standard bit twice and sang's interesting. It brightened my mood.

over ten years ago

I share your passion for at least aspiring to reasonably correct spelling and grammar. So I hate to be "that guy" especially since I hate being caught making mistake about grammar during a grammar rant.

The thing is, till is correct. In fact, till is the earlier version of the word and until is derived from till and so til or 'til is derived even further from that.

Some will argue that till is actually more correct, but, language being the living thing it is, til is obviously also acceptable even without the apostrophe denoting it as a shortening of until.

Now that I've brought this up, there is not doubt some horrendous blunder I've made above.