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Jun 5, 2014

The Show Notes

You Don’t Remember Me…
Happy Birthday, Slau!
Ask George
     - Rick Wakeman? from Mike in Surrey
     - Running? from Jeremy D. and Diego W.
     - Stereo-Mono? from Steve
Paninin’s’s Typo Update-
Dr. Damian Handzy’s Fact’s That’ll Fuck Y’Up
     - The Sun, World of Warcraft, and 52 Pickup
Turtles Sneak Peak
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Marjorie Holsten: Sex-Ed is a liberal plot
PFA Friday in Easton and Sunday in Long Branch
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 Ms. Info sez, "I had to dance to Wakeman's 'Jane Seymour' for a freshman project in college. That will be our little secret."

Noir the Sable
over ten years ago

Uhh... Holy crap, George. Did... Did you just actually accidentally give out the actual phone number to this Paninis's place? Might want to correct that before people go crazy with it.

over ten years ago

George, I think you had the adapter backwards. You want a stereo plug and a mono jack, like this:

over ten years ago

Perhaps my favorite paninises-style typo is from France where more than once I saw "lawyer salad" on the English translations of menus. In French the word "avocat" can either mean avocado (advocate). Someone just plugged "avocat" into a google-type translator and took the first term. I would notice the same thing when I would teach English as a foreign language.

over ten years ago

couldn't Steve with the stereo/mono problem just adjust the left/right channel balance on his device to only send sound to the right channel of his headphones?

over ten years ago

Regarding the stereo-mono listening problem, if the listener uses an iPod/iPhone, there is a switch in the settings > general > accessibility menu that switched the output from stereo to mono. It's helpful to me at work when I have to have one ear open for the phone/door. hope this helps!