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Aug 21, 2014

The Show Notes

The Power of $ocial Media
[sic] and [sic]
The Bob Lazar Story: Ghost of Foodstool
     - Threadkiller
Rock Me Amadeus (thanks to Love Canon)
Captivating True Stories from
The Adventures of The Philadelphia Funk Authority
     - Larry’s Long Lost Son
Ask George
     - Sports teams vs. bands? from Joey
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Michael & Laura McIntyre from Henry Ruddle
Interesting Fauna
     - The Lone Star Tick
P.G. Holyfield
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

P.G. Holyfield
During the podcast's production, P.G. passed away on August 20th at 11:20 pm. He leaves behind three little girls. The GoFundMe site was set up partly for his medical bills but primarily for his children.
This is his own site where the original announcement was posted:

And this is the donation site:
P.G. Cancer Support

The eloquent but sraigth-shooting truth from
Matt Wallace on P.G. Holyfield [in P.G. last days]

Evo Terra has posted this:
Effective now and for the immediate future, 100% of all donations we receive to Murder at Avedon Hill or made directly in P.G.s name will be provided to a fund set up to help care for the three young daughters left behind. Normally, we keep 25% of all donations. But in Patrick’s case (Patrick is the P in PG) all proceeds we collect go straight to them, no admin fees.

Goodnight, dear friend- you will be missed.


The Bob Lazar Story
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J. D. Mack
almost ten years ago

Thanks, Geo, for making me aware of The Bob Lazar Story! The Keneally influence is unmistakable, and sure enough, is there in the music links on their site. I hear early XTC in Threadkllier as well. Good stuff!