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Apr 7, 2017

The Show Notes

Laundry is awesome
Ice hockey is not just ice hockey
Pepsi Advertising
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Pastor Bryan Fisher
Horror Scopes
Why are Dutch Men Holding Hands?
Ask George
     - DJs? from Jon V.
Interesting Fauna
     - Orchid Mantis- Hymenopus coronatus
Yes being inducted into R&R HoF this week!
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Mentioned in the Show

Interesting Fauna:
Orchid Mantis

Dutch Men Holding Hands


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Joe vandenEnden
over seven years ago

Thank you for the answer last week on Ask George. The stitches are just now healing on my tongue.
Your advice was really very helpful, and the Neo imagery has already helped me out at work. Hopefully other listeners found it helpful as well.
I apologize for the familiar tone of my email, but I was three-beers-in when I wrote it (after a particularly hard gig), and was only hoping for a sympathetic ear. Good job on the on-air edit.

over seven years ago

The Gillette pun in the Horror Scopes segment resulted in hot coffee being channeled through my sinuses and back out my nose. Expect a call from my lawyers.

Steve Frank
over seven years ago

Hi Geo,

As a hockey fan I enjoyed the story of you seeing your first professional hockey game. I'm sure many will chime in to give you the details on what you didn't know, but hopefully this helps your understanding. The Hershey Bears are the farm team for the Boston Bruins, so while they may have chosen bears because it sounds like bars, it's more likely that they chose it because bruins are bears. Also, the league those teams play in is the AHL, or American Hockey League. Most NHL teams have an affiliate team in the AHL. Much like baseball teams draft players and can send them to their AHL affiliates to develop. Drafted players can also stay in or go to college, or play in what is known as juniors, which consists of several leagues that exist in Canada. Hockey is interesting in that there are several paths a player can take to eventual play in the NHL. Hope that helps.