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Jan 23, 2009


The Show Notes

An other conversation
So Anyway…
California, California
AAS Conference
Forced Sing Along
Indecipherable Science Posters
Prof. Owen Gingerich
Back to California again, this time with Slau
Traveling with a Blind Guy
The NAMM Show
Meeting Tony Levin
Meeting Will Lee
Seeing famous folks
Paul Green's School of Rock All Stars
Slau's Sick Knowledge of Microphone Minutiae
Talking with Napoleon Murphy Brock
Dancing Approximate
How Do You Pronounce Y?
100th Show… thanks.
Slau, Swoopy, Derek, Evo Terra, Michael Mennenga, Donna, Carrie P, and all of the listeners.
Album Six is on the way…
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Sessions with Slau; Swoopy and Derek at Skepticality; Evo Terra; Michael Mennenga.

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Ms. Information says: 100. Holy cannoli. Congratulations, Maestro, it's been an amazing ride! Thanks to all you fabulous listeners. And here's to the next 100!

fifteen and a half years ago

Some dots about Braille: In Braille 1, (uncontracted),the symbols are just the 26 letter and some punctuation. Everything is spelled out letter by letter which takes up far too much space. In Braille 2, (contracted), a word can be represented by one or two braille symbols. A Braille symbol that represents 2 or 3 letters will appear within a word, to contract it - saving space.
There is a number sign in Braille, but also a letter sign. The print symbol \\\'12C\\\' would be read 123 without differentiating that the last symbol is a letter.
Ironically, I read Braille with my eyes.

Happy 100th Geo!

fifteen and a half years ago

Well done Sir! Your mother should be proud!

fifteen and a half years ago

Nice intro! But did you skip \\\"86th\\\"?

fifteen and a half years ago

9, live two part
26 recap of musickfest and the police
46 xmas recap
68 balticon
69 birthday specials (also dumped, super sad)
72 periodic table
82 dragon con
86 no 86, sweet dreams and vid of writing elements

so, shows where you copped out and gave us some live stuff instead of interesting fauna and religious morons. Did I win!?!?!?

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago

Colleen, my sweet-

Would you be so kind as to post your list in the comments for Episode 101? That way your list will be a contender and easily seen in context.

Ms. Info

recaptcha: 49 sudden ... which is hiLARious considering, y\'know, Episode 99

fifteen and a half years ago

I would not worry about not understanding the posters at AAS. People present posters (rather than give talks) because their target audience is very small, a few other scientists in the field. A lot of background material gets left out. Yes in fact another scientist, working in a slightly different field, may not understand the presentation.

My teenage son saw your Long Beach show. He said it was \\\'awesome\\\'. He also wanted to thank you for signing his copy of your book.

fifteen and a half years ago

Happy 100th!!

So sad I missed AAS this time around. Sounds like you got the full experience! Ditto on the not understanding posters bit. I\\\'m usually good on posters and talks that are within my session, but outside that, I need someone to break down the jargon!

Steve Welsh
fifteen and a half years ago

If you ever get to Toronto I intend to buy the whole Catalogue. If you don\\\'t, eventually I will meet you at some mutually convenient point and do the same. Do you ever get as far as Western New York?

Itunes will do in the interval, though your giving it away for free causes conflicts with my Scottish nature...

Thanks again for your complete output it puts several highlights in every one of my weeks.

belated ita

fifteen and a half years ago

Congratulations on the \"centannial\". Hope you don\'t give it up any time soon, and I\'ll also check out the new podcast by The Legendary Slau.

BTW, the lead on \"Inca Roads\" was sung by George Duke, though after the instrumental break the lines are traded by Duke and Brock. And that FZ lineup is my favorite as well, for the same reasons you gave (ultimate technical monsters who were also long on groove -- plus the only woman ever to have been in a FZ bnad). My personal favorite FZ album is YCDTOSA2: The Helsinki Concert. (I yell \"Whipping Post\" whenever a bnad asks for requests ... it\'s happened twice.)

fifteen and a half years ago

Congratulations on your first 100 podcasts. I am looking forward to the next one and all the others after it.

You were in California and I didn\\\'t get a chance to meet you. I hope sometime in the future I will get that chance.

Keep up the great work.

Laguna Beach, California

Steve Welsh
fifteen and a half years ago

Ho do I give you money if you keep giving me the music for free?

re Captcha:

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago


You buy something on iTunes, or CDBaby, or Lulu, or come to show, or re-shingle my house or...


Oh, and to everyone else- thanks for the kind words. You all make the ship go. You really do.



fifteen and a half years ago

Gonna listen to this tonight because I\\\'m way behind on everything, but I just wanted to throw my congrats and thanks into the void. know...thanks and congrats, Geo.

:-D capta: governor sweatband

fifteen and a half years ago

Congratulations on hitting triple digits, Geo! Thanks, as always, for giving me one morning commute a week to look forward to. Here\'s a diet beverage of some form to 100 more!

posty mcposterton
fifteen and a half years ago

Happy 100th, Geo!

Oh, and yeah, rad stories about Tony Levin and Napolean Murphy Brock. I got to see Tony play with CGT once. Great stuff.

And Napolean Murphy Brock... he is the shit. Saw him on the Zappa Plays Zappa 2006 tour. He trumped both Vai and Bozzio, in my opinion.

Ya Hozna!


David P.
fifteen and a half years ago

You got to meet Levin, saw Belew, and peed with Marotta! Some of my favorite musicians going way back.

Happy #100.

Dave Lim
fifteen and a half years ago

Congratulations Geo!

fifteen and a half years ago

Yup. No idea who those guys are, but I love hearing someone who is totally knowledgeable and \\\'into\\\' something talk about it. I know who Mr Brock is, now. ...and Levin.. etc..

Congratulations George! Thank you for all the hours of entertainment. We\\\'re glad your there and we\\\'re happy to be here for you.

fifteen and a half years ago

...and reason number one that I love Geo and his podcast:
1. He is just as much a fanboy with his idols as I am with him!

Happy 100th, Geo, and many more.

fifteen and a half years ago

Hey Maestro, congratulations on the milestone. Who\'da thought it, eh?

Brian \\\"No E\\\" Mahony
fifteen and a half years ago


you really should sign up for Second Life it\\\'s really cool!!! you\\\'d totally enjoy it

*keep an eye on your mailbox!! ;)

show #100 re captcha:

Ms Info: hope you liked the ecard! :)

Ian From B.C.
fifteen and a half years ago

congrats, Geo, have a diet pepsi on me today!

fifteen and a half years ago

Happy 100th!