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Jan 27, 2009

The Show Notes

4 Colours of Hrab: The Geologic Fancast #2


Fancast #2
Carrie’s intro
Arkle says Happy Anniversary
Bruce “Icepick” Press interviews Sarah Palin
Peter Sosna gets a colonoscopy
Marvin and Keisha like ZZTop
Carrie sings
Fancast close

Geo introduces the Geologic Podcast Drinking Game

The Fancast again, now with Geo's pointless commentary
(for hardcore fans only)

Thanks to: Dave Lim, Marvin and Keisha, Arkle, Peter Sosna, Bruce Press and the Icepicks, Joey Halatyn and Ms.Information.
Stupid gigantic thanks and genuflections towards: Carrie P.


The Official Rules for the Geologic Podcast Drinking Game

- Take a drink when George says "Hey Kids."
- Take a drink when George sings along with the "Sheer Brick" opening monologue music.
- Take a drink when George repeats a phrase or word more than once in immediate succession .
- Take a drink when George emits a Hrabian Sigh (generally used in reference to morons, religious or otherwise).
- Take a drink when George makes reference to Zappa, Yes, or The Police.
- Take a drink when George uses a curse word.
- Take a drink when George speaks Ukrainian.
- If you understand what he is saying, finish your drink.
- Take a drink when George speaks German.
- Take a drink when George gives a shout-out to a Geologic fan, a friend, or family member.
- If that fan is you, finish your drink.
- When George mentions Diet Coke, drink Diet Coke.

Bonus points (for hardcore fans and/or alcoholics)
Finish you drink if:
- Ms. Information speaks
- George says "Vibraphone"
- George apologizes for the length of the show

Due to safety concerns we encourage you to use large-volume, lower-alcohol drinks and for godsakes stay away from tequila.


Ms. Information says: huge thanks to all of you crazy kids!
If you'd like to view and download Dave Lim's art:

Fancast cover art

Fancast cover art in full


almost fifteen years ago

I\'m amazed that there\'s not one, but TWO other people who know who Marc Maron is.

(Alright, I got the CAPTCHA wrong, and it spit back this: I\\\'m amazed that there\\\'s not one, but TWO other people who know who Marc Maron is. Seems like your Wordpress blog is borked.)

almost fifteen years ago

I\\\'m back! My iPod broke and I just got it fixed. I really missed listening to this show. I\\\'m trying now to catch up. I\\\'m on #94.
I\\\'m glad you\\\'re still here. I came back to find that one of my fave podcasts has gone under due to the economy. Yikes!

Chuck D.
fourteen and a half years ago

Hey, Carrie P., Chuck D. here. I\\\'ve been listening to Geo\\\'s rants since college, and I\\\'d love to contribute to the next Fancast. Write me at so I can be in the loopage next time around.

BTW, Souza died in 1932, so next year I think we can have a Souza royalty-free fanfare.


almost fifteen years ago

Another rule addendum: Drink continuously while Geo is geeking out about meeting a musician you\'ve never heard of who was in this band you\'ve kinda heard of and then was in this other band and was so totally awesome!!!....

So basically episode 100 would have been the liver killer.

Seriously, Geo, you\'re the consummate music geek. My level of musical knowledge is roughly that of my singing ability (that is, zero), but it\'s a hell of a lot of fun listening to you geek out about such things. Keep it up and again, congratulations!

David P.
almost fifteen years ago

So cool that the fans made a fancast. During the first half, I just knew that Geo would be tempted to harmonize with the \\\"Happy Anniversary\\\" song during the commentary, and he did!


almost fifteen years ago

Congrats Geo on another year (almost) and another 50 eps.

Congrats everyone who did the fancast, very cool, it was full of GeoLove and that\\\'s what we all want to convey.

And thank you SO MUCH, to whoever spelled \\\"Colours\\\" correctly in the title :)

Dave Lim
almost fifteen years ago


Thanks. I\\\'m Australian, that\\\'s just how we spell it up here ;)

steve welsh
almost fifteen years ago

3Z Top?

Peculiar imposing

Dave Lim
almost fifteen years ago

@Geo I just listened to the commentary and in answer to your question, the drinking game was 100% pure CarrieP - accept no substitutes(I just did the rickroll)

Mr. Keisha
almost fifteen years ago

Wow! Thanks, Geo, for thanking us for thanking you for being so awesome! The extra commentary is sweet.

Huge HUGE props to the amazing CarrieP for putting this fancast thingy together. I love the song at the end. We need to coin new word -- fancastastic -- for anything CarrieP does.

Re: the drinking game

There\'s a part of me that\'s convinced this should be the Geologic Podcast NONdrinking Game. For instance, \"Whenever Geo grinds his teeth while talking about Neal Peart, have a glass of milk.\"

Re: ZZ Top

It\'s a Texas thang. You might not *want* to understand. ;-)

almost fifteen years ago

Your commentary on my submission was funnier than the submission. :-) Brilliant.

almost fifteen years ago

Two suggestions for the drinking game:

- Every time Geo says \\\"Mmyesss...\\\", take a drink.
- Every time Geo refers to his not drinking, finish your drink.

Though I\\\'m not really qualified to edit drinking games, as I don\\\'t drink either...

posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago

Listened to it yesterday... great stuff... the commentary was fun, too...


recaptcha: rugged yacht

Steve Wright
almost fifteen years ago

I missed another fancast?

Oh well.

almost fifteen years ago

It\\\'s Frank Beard.

And I was making reference to the ridiculousness of soap opera casting and plotting.

You\\\'re pretty fly for a white guy, Geo. I\\\'m sure that the guys in the Ohio Players would take you for a great drummer.

Dave Lim
almost fifteen years ago

I second that, very kind of you to put this up George. And props to Carrie for putting all together. Again ;)

posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago

Oh, come on, Carrie... you had to be first to your own production? :)

Listening now... fun stuff. I wish I had the time to contribute. Damn tax season...