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Feb 5, 2009

The Show Notes

FAR (Theme from 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast)
Inverse Proportion rule
Sound Check
Geo's Mom reads Jay-Z Lyrics

- Hollywood from the Kingdom Come album
Beatnik Turtle: album in a month
Contest Winners Colleen and Michael
Interesting Fauna
- Brownsnout Spookfish  from Sion Hughes
Ask George
- 24?  from Arkle
- Closet?  from Lauren C
- Evolution vs god?  from Summer
- Anthem?  from Chuck D
- Flagburning?  from Icepick
Sessions with Slau interview
Show close


The download for FAR, the full version of the theme song for the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast

The lyrics for the tune


Mentioned in the show: Lisa Bodnar Band; the Bitter End; Beatnik Turtle; Flight from DeathSessions with Slau interview with Geo at NAMM.

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Ms. Information says: Geo's Mom does love dogs. She really indulged Oscar the boxer who spent many happy hours cooling off in the pachysandra in Geo's parents' yard.

Paul TP
over fifteen years ago

Yes I did, according to Mr. Minchin, we Aussies like to curse (or, don\\\'t mind a bit of cursing...) example, this looping though my mind as I go about my day;
\\\"it\\\'s so far...
so far far (f*#kg) far...\\\"
can\\\'t get the f&*ker out of my mind!
;_)peace love & happiness_PTP

over fifteen years ago

A couple more inverse proportions:

P = D/(T * A)^2 - The productivity of a meeting is proportional to the detail in the agenda divided by the square of the product of the duration and the number of attendees

E = 1/(A * F^2) - The enjoyment I get out of a movie is inversely proportional to the number of Academy Award logos on the cover times the square of the number of film festival logos on the cover.

over fifteen years ago

Cool! 102! I\\\'ve just archived the whole shebang to a 4.7GB DVD-R which I plan to label \\\"Geologic Podcast: The First Two Years\\\" just as soon as I get another black ink cart for my printer.

Was going to also include the Slau/Namm interview as a bonus, but it just exceeded the discs capacity. :(

Keep \\\'em coming, Geo!

over fifteen years ago

I\\\'m always late to the party, now that I\\\'m working at the customer\\\'s site.

Far is awesome. I had to put it on my MP3 player.

You know, your mom is just so sweet. We were in step almost all the way through the list too! I thought I had missed my soul mate by about 25 years. :)

Oh, hey. Anyone else catch the Skeptics Guide to the Universe interview with Tim Minchin? I\\\'d never heard of him before. Apparently, I\\\'ve been missing out. He\\\'s all over YouTube. Skeptical, atheist, funny music. If only we had someone like that here in the states. :)

Recaptcha: bathe New Jersey HAH!

over fifteen years ago

Don\'t worry, nolachief, I\'ll always be first to cross the chauvinist pig line. I have no sense of properness. I agree about the recaptcha difficulties, too.
Glad we got to hear the full Far, although it\'s just lodged it into my head even further... Not a bad thing, as songs-stuck-in-heads go. Better than Janet Jackson...
Dan, I\'m sure you can substitute meat products with, well, substitute meat products. I think the real trick for some people might be the second part of the day... ;-)

over fifteen years ago

Gaaaah, George! I\'ve had Far stuck in my head all day! (Again!) Good thing I like it, or the next 365-38 days (too late for math) would be problematic. :)

Thank you, Lauren, for bringing up S&BJ Day first. I feel like I\'m teetering on the chauvinist pig line when I do it. That and I have yet to convince my wife of it\'s importance on the calendar. It also doesn\'t help that it conflicts with Pi Day festivities.

Is it just me or is recaptcha getting harder to read?

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
over fifteen years ago


Would I steer you wrong? Between the demo and the subsequent posting, I\\\'ve listened to the theme FAR more than you might imagine... and I love it. Glad you do, too!

Ms. Info
recaptcha: Reads conviction

posty mcposterton
over fifteen years ago

Being a vegetarian, I hope there\\\'s a Tofu and Blow Job day.


J. D. Mack
over fifteen years ago

George, let me be the first to congratulate you on reaching show 102! That\'s quite a milestone, and you should be very proud of your accomplishment! I hope to congratulate you again when you reach show 173!

over fifteen years ago

I\\\'m with you, Lauren. V-Day is a big waste of time and resources. The hub and I celebrate minimally.

Steak and Blow Job Day is a good idea, although I\\\'m just not that big on steak. Maybe if it were Sushi and Blow Job Day....

over fifteen years ago

Delicious Food and Gratuitous Oral Sex Day!

Ahhhh! My captcha is \"which climax\"!!!! The sex gods are watching after all!

Derek G
over fifteen years ago

Geo, you idiot!

Isn\\\'t it obvious that the Octopus and the squid were intelligently designed by the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

He loves his cephalopods MUCH more than the pathetic Jebus loves you.

over fifteen years ago

The more I listen to \\\"Far,\\\" the more I like it.

I have tons of experience with the Inverse Proportion rule in my job. Politicians\\\' egos rival, if not outstrip, musicians\\\' (see Rod Rod Blagojevich).

David P.
over fifteen years ago

Spookfish are like the reflector telescopes of the animal world.

One reason manual transmission cars are less popular now is that people want to have one hand on the wheel and other hand on the cell phone.

\\\"It\\\'s full of stars\\\"

over fifteen years ago

Thanks for answering my closet question. I think that walk-in closet is nice, especially if it has bookcases and a vanity table and a window and a heat run, like mine, but the wardrobe idea kind of appeals to me, too. Either way, come out come out where ever you are, of course.

Re: Valentines Day flowers and cards and hooey… I kind of feel like it’s all over-rated and materialistic and the whole point of the thing is lost. St. Valentine was beheaded, wasn’t he? St. Patrick chased the pagans out of Ireland. We’re celebrating the weirdest things by buying what the grocery store puts on the shelf.
For myself, I don’t expect to receive anything for Valentines Day (not that I would turn it down if I did!). I specifically insist that he doesn’t buy me those heart-shaped boxes of candy that have been on the shelf since before Christmas (eww!) and I don’t see the sense of spending gads of money on imported out-of-season flowers that are just going to rot anyway. Buy me a lilac bush or something instead. And plant it for me, of course. :-)
Does that make me less of a girl? Am I just a practical sort of person? Does it just make me a cheap bastard? I don’t know. I just feel like you shouldn’t need a special day to show your love for your partner, you should do it every day.

That said, please check out a sensible alternative: Steak and Blow Job Day!! (

posty mcposterton
over fifteen years ago

Oh, eff... \\\"do I go to where you work and knock the dick out of your mouth?\\\" just made me snort-laugh at work. My officemates are probably wondering what just happened... :)

Oh, and good luck on the Beatnik Turtles submission. Hopefully we\\\'ll get a full demo glimpse even if it doesn\\\'t make it on their record...


Ashley Higgins
over fifteen years ago

Maybe the Atheist\\\'s closet is called the watercloset. It\\\'s where you go to get rid of crap and experience the comforting feeling that comes with it.

Mr. Keisha
over fifteen years ago

I think the atheist\'s closet should be called \"The Wardrobe,\" as in \"The Lion, the Witch, and....\" Until you come out of the wardrobe and speak your mind, you\'re stuck in Narnia (or its local cultural equivalent), where people who grow up and think for themselves are sent to hell by rampaging lions.

\"FAR\" is far, way cool.

And for some reason I was sure the \"Anthem\" bit was going to be about Ayn Rand\'s little (for a change) book about heroic objectivists in a wicked world. So maybe that would make a good Ask George question: \"Have you read \'Anthem,\' and if so, what did you think of it?\"

(For my part: I have read it, and I wasn\'t impressed.)

recaptcha = \'shame Beggs\'

posty mcposterton
over fifteen years ago

Love the full \\\"Far\\\"...