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Mar 5, 2009

The Show Notes

More fun with cow urine 
Meat dispensation
More fun with DaVido
notThe Bible

- The Book of Palms 1-4
Beatnik Turtle Album “When I Was Your Age”
Religious Moron of the Week
- Christian Salt Guy  from Derek Graham, Icepick, Des Bartlet, and Joel Palmer
Ian O'Neill at Astroengine
Occasional Songs at TAM
Podblack Cat and Richard Saunders' socks
Kiki Leigh's birthday
Ask George 
- Twitter?  from Carrie P
- Atheist attitude?  from Ashley
Michael Jackson's creepy-fascinating auction
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Kate Sherrod's Suppertime Sonnets and on Twitter as @qatesiuradewyo; Beatnik Turtle's site and on Twitter as @beatnikturtle; Dr. Ian O'Neill at Astroengine and on Twitter as @astroengine; Sessions with Slau; Slau on Twitter as @SlauBeSharp; Podblack Cat's blog and on Twitter as @podblack; Richard Saunders at Skeptic Zone and on Twitter as @SkepticZone; Carrie P on Twitter as @CarrieP; Michael Jackson's auction.

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over fifteen years ago

One thing Blizzard likes to slip cheap wow gold in every few patches is a new world of warcraft gold UI function that buy wow gold

fifteen and a half years ago

I think you should /definitely/ team up with DaVido! :-D

David P.
fifteen and a half years ago

Yea! My cow urine soft drink names made it into the podcast. Is that really a significant accomplishment?

Just started twittering recently, and Ms. Info is keep us informed about the Geologic universe, even if the Maestro is a Luddite. ;)

Ted H.
fifteen and a half years ago

So am I the only person here who imagines Bill Murray doing his lounge lizard act on the old SNL when George talks about DaVito?

fifteen and a half years ago

Very flattered. Kind of snorfely too. Hump, shag, pork.

BTW - Richard Saunders isn\'t the head of the Aust Skeptics, it\'s actually Dr Karen Stollznow. She features in this video, on a panel with George last Dragon*Con - at 11 seconds into the film and at 1.10 seconds into the film:

As an aside - I don\'t suppose this Tripod skit had any influence on the filming of some of the music videos?

fifteen and a half years ago

I believe Episcopal priests prefer the term \"liturgical-genital sanctification.\"

\'Split derision\' sounds like a great band name.

I love the new intro.

And belatedly: Bovine Wine.

fifteen and a half years ago

Karl Mamer mentions \\\"Far\\\" in the latest podcast for The Conspiracy Skeptic! I mean, he says it once, 24 minutes in, when he\\\'s talking about seeing Saturn through a telescope, but he says it!

Lauren Cocilova
fifteen and a half years ago

Don\'t worry, George, I\'m not on nor will I ever (probably) be on Twitter. I\'m just not that interesting, and I\'m just not that interested in anyone else. That, and I hate my cell phone, don\'t have text messaging, and have a serious aversion to the way most people text so I can\'t imagine their Tweets are much better. Oh, and my husband -having just found out what Twitter is- would disown me. And I don\'t blame him.

fifteen and a half years ago

Fantastic episode. Just kept cracking up at my desk. The DaVido bit has me in hysterics. I wish I could see this guy! So good. Yeah, and when I was in a Catholic high school and \\\"losing my faith\\\" as they say, I kind of got annoyed that they wouldn\\\'t serve meat in the cafeteria on Lent Fridays... so I started bringing in my own ham sandwiches.

Yay Ian! He gets a sexy song. Dude, if PhD = sexy, I really need to get this thesis finished... And does Richard get a medal for best bovine drink name?

Good question, CarrieP. I was wondering that myself. I also have to curb my tweeting so I can get work done. You know I\\\'m having a slow day when I\\\'m rambling with massive amounts of messages.

And yay more Ms. Information! And cool new intro b/c I LOVE that song. *happy fangirl*

No E Mahony
fifteen and a half years ago

YES! NEW INTRO! WHOOOO bout fucking time, but the previous intro was a close second to the original as my favorite intros

Fuck those Christian people...i eat meat every friday during lent whether i realize it or not..meaning that i\'d be munchin\' on a turkey sammich and then realize it was Friday...and i grew up as a Catholic...HA!

excuse me i need to go buy some ground beef for Friday...

~No E Mahony

Ps: Geo/Ms. Info- would it be cool if i could become the official/unofficial Geologic Bitstripper?

pps: ReCaptcha- Michigan rubber hmm...

The geologic stodcast narts pow


No E Mahony
fifteen and a half years ago


Re-Captcha: carriage 47 (where are you? LOL)

fifteen and a half years ago

please...can Ms. Info. do the occaisional on-mike appearance?... a bit \'o banter with Geo? (don\'t be shy ;-)
love, your adoring fan
(Dr.) Zombiulf II [PHD,MoD,CPU,HDD,RAM,MhZ]
[I\'m building a ship...]

fifteen and a half years ago

Love the new intro but how did you fit a \\\"live\\\" studio audience into your townhouse?

fifteen and a half years ago

Another great show, Geo. And screw DaVido! You don\'t need to be the Jerry Lewis to his Dean Martin.

Ms. Information is right about the PhD and accent thing. SO SEXY.

Does the PFA songlist have any tunes by the Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince? Or do you avoid them because he has lawyers on speed-dial?