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Mar 12, 2009

The Show Notes

Shoveling snow
Milton Mermikides and Martino Unstrung on Sunday
Rupert McLannahan's Indestructible Bastards

- Roy Cleveland Sullivan  from Bryan Cass
Wait, who's the head of the Aussie skeptics?
Mortimer calls up and once again calls in again once more
German blog post translation
Nazareth nonexistent… really
Go watch the Watchmen
FAR Sessions With Slau
High School career day / TEACHER rant
PFA at Puck & Kenny's
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Australian Skeptics; Karen Stollznow; Podblack Cat; Richard Saunders at Skeptic Zone; Emanuel Heitlinger and Alexander Knoll at Alles Was Lebt and the FAR post; Kenny's; Puck; Sessions with Slau and the FAR episode; Sunday, March 15 at the Rubin Museum of Art.

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Lauren Cocilova
over fifteen years ago

I have to say, I’m glad I’m not the only one who giggles naughtily at perfectly normal words taken purposefully out of context.

My moms is a teacher, too, and I wholly agree. Anyone who even attempts to put knowledge (and by that I mean real knowledge, not pseudo-scientific blather) into the minds of our youth deserve our utmost respect and gratitude and honor.

over fifteen years ago

OK, saw \\\'Watchmen\\\' (not having read the book - but did a bare minimum of reading on Wikipedia) - agree with what was said in the podcast... wow; a bald guy wearing a suit who\\\'s into science and doesn\\\'t believe in the big cheese... there\\\'s something cool about that (can\\\'t quite put my finger on it though... loved the (smiley) face on Mars! ;)

Peter Sosna
over fifteen years ago

Yes, I love Babelfish, but I often find the pornolizer much more useful.

you also might find the dialectizer handy.

over fifteen years ago

Thanks for the link love, George!

posty mcposterton
over fifteen years ago

Love the Babelfish. I sometimes translate from English > Spanish > French > German > English and then send the email to my friend.

Didn\\\'t Quiet Riot already use that album title, Geo? I don\\\'t think you should use it for Album #6.


over fifteen years ago

Haven\\\'t read or seen Watchmen yet (GEEK FAIL) so I had to fast forward through that. Sad! But many thanks for the spoiler alerts :-)

*applauds teacher rant*

over fifteen years ago

LOL Babelfish

\"absolutely clean listen\"

yesssss.... I always feel *cleansed* after listening ;-))

woweeeee zoweeeeeee

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
over fifteen years ago

I\\\'m bookmarking things here to say that the Iceman would have been first if his work connection allowed it.

No E, you\\\'re first on a fluke of the interwebz. Sorry, hon.

Ms Info

over fifteen years ago

Whee! I\'m always happy when Rupert pays a visit.

Re teachers: my Mom is a teacher too, and I totally agree.

Re Watchmen: I loved the movie, agreed that the tweaked ending is superior, and wrote about it a few days ago, for anybody that has extra dollops of life-essence they don\'t mind frittering away:

Also, I saw the movie with a couple of co-workers who not only had never read Watchmen but had never even heard of the book until the movie trailers appeared on TV. They both adored the flick. Six thumbs up, then!

over fifteen years ago

Had never heard of watchmen until the movie started being advertised. Saw it with a couple friends who had read the graphic novels. I had to ask them a few questions after the film to clear up stuff that the movie skipped over (like what the hell is up with the ink blot mask). Still enjoyed the film. Thought the sex scene was gratuitously overlong. Thought the opening sequences were really well done, especially all the golden era semi-stills. I always have problems with omnipotent characters like Dr. Manhattan, Superman, Hiro, God, since they tend to be plot breakers if you don\\\'t properly explain away how they couldn\\\'t use their supreme powers to avoid the conflict.

over fifteen years ago


*does the running man*

Hii Carrie! :P


ps: Re-Captcha: Hungarian Wednesday

well because the Geologic Podcast is released the day\'s Ukrainian Thursday