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Apr 2, 2009

The Show Notes

Steve and Geo's fake 20th Century Piece
Show intro
Jogging and finding a rifle
Hanging out with Milton M. and Peter Gregson
Religious Morons of the Week-

- Hamid Karzai  from Geo
- US Conference of Catholic Bishops  from Patrick Lawrence
- Ria Ramkissoon  from James Blackwell, Marc in NJ, Milton Mermikides
- John Shimkus  from Nick Begovich
- Archbishop Dadeus Grings  from David Barwick
- John Skehan and Francis Guinan  from DL Sharp
- Praying Pilot  from Bill Dowling, Aiden Iahal, Lauren Cocilova, Icepick, DL Sharp, Damian Handzy
- Woman stealing with Satan  from Wilson Torres
- Yahya Jammeh  from Sean Gill
- Pope Benedict  from Jerry Hedden, Patrick Lawrence
- Quiverfull Movement Members  from Tom Nowitzky
Henrique’s DEEVED offer
Bald Dating from Shaun
Daniel Loxton: What Do I Do Next?
Recording drums
Skepticality 100th congrats!
Beatnik Song of the Day
Makeup at Dragon*Con?
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Peter Gregson; Milton Mermikides; Faces of Schlock site; trailer for Faces of Schlock; the special Geologic page for a $5 discount for Faces of Schlock including Slay Ride; Beatnik Turtle Song of the Day for a free download of When I Was Your Age.

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Aiden Diabhal
over fifteen years ago

Aiden Iahal? Close enough...

George Hrab
over fifteen years ago

Sorry Aiden. I can\\\'t relly tipe so goood.


over fifteen years ago

Jozsi szerencs indeed, my good man. Great show, can\\\'t wait to hear the new work. See you soon.

Bret Newton
over fifteen years ago

Your story about the 20th century \\\"music\\\" reminds me of when I was an undergrad working on a composition degree. My composition professor always liked the pieces that I threw together an hour before my lesson more than the ones that I spent months of my life working on and were actual music.

Eduardo Kalinowski
over fifteen years ago

Loved the history about the fake 20th century music. But what was the aftermath? Did anyone find out? Or did you tell anyone? And what were the reactions?

over fifteen years ago

Vibraphone it is!

I can sing some, and play guitar (except for that annoying Eb that Geo seems to have in every song.)

over fifteen years ago

oh man, do I go to TAM7 or DragonCon this year? I can\\\'t decide.

over fifteen years ago

Oh come now keisha, isn\\\'t it obvious what the band should be called?


I have spoken. ;-)

over fifteen years ago

Something about the phrase \"nine minute instrumental\" just makes me all tingly.

Ok, back to the podcast.

over fifteen years ago

wow... it\\\'s a Moron-tastic show... can\\\'t wait to spin it tomorrow...


over fifteen years ago

Loved the guffaw by Ms Information at the six minute mark. I personally nearly drove into a tree when I heard the name of the piece. :)

Oh, Geo, you get a nod in \\\'What Do I Do Next\\\', on page 101.

I have to go buy some World of Warcraft ferrets now.

over fifteen years ago

Oh, and as for the concert - they must really miss you not working at that college, despite everything. :)

over fifteen years ago

What would a George Hrab tribute band be called?

Swift Kick
The Blue Genes

over fifteen years ago

Yay! I was hoping this would show up today. Hopefully this will make my crappy day a little better.