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May 15, 2009

The Show Notes

Phil Plait has something to say about stuff on the MOON.
A sentence in a sound
Ask George

- sound clips?  from Melissa Kaercher
- debating?  from Matt Guerin
- skeptic litmis test?  from Brian No E Mahony
- Rick Allen?  from Aiden Diabhal
- Mastering?  from Carrie P.
Mini Trek Geek Out
Dogs let us be who we want to be
The sheer odds
The Pain of Reflexive Skepticism
Balticon coming up- check out the schedule
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Dr. Phil Plait; Balticon; Philadelphia Funk Authority; Geo's upcoming gigs and Balticon information.

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Ms. Information wants to know: Was "bees!" homage to Eddie Izzard?

almost fourteen years ago

I was pleased to hear that we, in essence, agree on the Skepticism/Atheism definitions:

over fifteen years ago

Hey Geo,
Something that stuck out to me about the short sound communication is how much body language goes with it. I wonder if the body language you\\\'d see when someone goes \'huh?\' or \'ugh\' came first.

over fifteen years ago

- How about the \"Mmm, mmm, mmm,\" noise, where the inflection of the Mmms means, \"Damn, you\'re fine.\"

- Definitely go find an IMAX to watch Star Trek. Definitely. Yes, best redshirt death ever. And I\'m glad to see that the tradition of using bridge officers to do the job of Marines is alive and well.) [Of course, I wonder if all the people who didn\'t grow up revering ST:TOS will miss half the cool stuff going down in this movie. Sulu fencing, Chris Pine\'s ability to mimic only the good parts of Shatner\'s acting, the fact that Spock has been, and will always be, the heart and soul of Trek, etc.] Oh, does that sound partisan? ;-P

- Thanks for the incredibly cool thing.

over fifteen years ago

Got an IMAX showing Trek down here at work, Geo. Sadly, I\'ve been too busy with the real thing to go see it yet, so thanks for the nonspoilers. (You know you want to say you saw Star Trek at KSC.)

And you still keep making me miss the boxer I had when I was a kid...

And now recaptcha is encouraging crime: \"shoplift His\"

Brian \\\"NoE\\\" Mahony
over fifteen years ago

well i didn\\\'t mean to group the words together the way i did, but i couldn\\\'t think of a better way to phrase it man...thank you for answering my question i do appreciate it greatly!

after hearing Carrie\\\'s mastering question, i\\\'ve got a music production question of my know when u listen to a song through a pair of headphones and one or two of the instruments are only in one ear? like the bass and guitar is in your left ear and the drums and vocals are in your right ear...what the hell is that?? Elanor Rigby is a good example....Right ear: just the vocals Left ear: the string instruments

what the heck is that??



2. Re-Captcha: If proven indeed.

3. Ms. Info i believe the bees is a simpsons reference. It\\\'s a Mr. Burns Line

\\\"Or What? You\\\'ll Release the Dogs? or the Bees? or the Dogs with Bees in Their Mouths so When They Bark They Shoot Bees at You?\\\"

Derek Smith
over fifteen years ago

When I was in a hotel in Stockholm - and surrounded by a bus-load of Japanese tourists, I discovered a Japanese/Western homophonic non-word.
Ah, ah, ah (with a rising tone) conveys a warning from parent to child in both languages.
\\\"I\\\'m warning you that I would not like it if you don\\\'t moderate your behaviour...\\\".


Smelling the flowers. Lovely. Thanks for the view inside of Geo.


Aiden Diabhal
over fifteen years ago

Wow, you totally butchered the pronunciation of Diabhal, but Irish Gaelic is weird like that. I wasn\'t offended or anything, but it did make me laugh.

CAPTCHA: executive brawled. I would pay to see that.

over fifteen years ago

Aw I got a little shout out, thank you muchly.

So, the probability thing blew my mind. It\\\'s something I;ve thought about, but not to that extent. Wow!

I agree with Ashley. That\\\'s an important one!

over fifteen years ago

How about the raspberry? :P Bpbpbbbppbpppppt!

Ashley Higgins
over fifteen years ago

Ok I\\\'m gonna say it. The sound of a woman in middle of \\\"midnight bliss\\\" is a universal sound.

over fifteen years ago

Hey Geo! Great ep! Thanks for not spoiling Star Trek for me!
Just a note for the listeners, you should check out Pseudopod\'s most recent episode, #142, \'Camp\', located here,
which is narrated by none other than the Maestro himself! It was very well done and I enjoyed it immensely! The content is a little, no, extremely graphic, but hey, it\'s a horror podcast!
Check it out if you feel the inclination!

over fifteen years ago

Funny essay!!

Any \\\'Big Trouble in Little China\\\' reference makes me smile.

over fifteen years ago


Chris Sol
over fifteen years ago

Woo hoo! beatcha CP!

over fifteen years ago

Either Eddie Izzard or Patsy in Ab Fab: \\\'Is it a bee?\\\' There was also an episode of \\\'Black Books\\\', where Manny admitted to eating Bernard\\\'s bees?

over fifteen years ago

Oh, I think I speak for EVERY Australian who listens to the show that when you made the \'tich tich tich\', the first thing that came to mind was the following: