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Jun 12, 2009

The Show Notes

Birthday Greetings
A Birthday Realization
Interesting Fauna

- hadal snailfish or Pseudoliparis amblystomopsis  from Kiki Leigh
Celebrity Voices
Last Week's Religious Moron
Ask George  
- Vonnegut?  from Chris Solnordal
- PFA music rights?  from David Dennis
- music & science?  from AP Ferguson
- historical dates?  from Barbara Schaarschmidt
- drum solo?  from Lowell in Columbus
Baseball Rain Delay Joy
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Rain delay.

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Ms. Information says: birthday wishes from Geologic Podcast fans are THE best gift!

over fourteen years ago

I knew you were going to say Moby Dick...and justifiably so. Too many crappy drum solos out there. C\\\'mon, people!

J. D. Mack
over fourteen years ago

Hey, what a coincidence! A \\\"Take Five\\\" story on NPR yesterday:

bike worryford
over fourteen years ago

Hi all in Geologic land!

Just caught up with the episodes after a 3 month break (don\\\'t ask) and I thought I\\\'d weigh in...

A few years ago, along the same lines as Geo\\\'s voice recognition, a radio show had a \\\'mystery intro\\\' competitition, where a sliver of a popular tune was played. If you could guess this track correctly, you would win an ever increasing amount of money, which at the time of me hearing it was about £20,000, a flip of a lot of money at the time, and still is. The bit was the little drum fill in \\\'Young, Gifted and Black\\\' by Bob and Marcia. As soon as I heard it, I knew what it was. Cue two weeks of frantic calling on the hour, every hour to this poxy show to get through...with no success. I was decorating at home for the last week, and I have to say the walls still attest to violent and frustrated paintbrush strokes to this day. When the cash amount got to about £30,000, a clueless lady who called up to \\\'have a wild guess\\\' claimed the prize, and my brain asploded.

I cannot listen to this song at all now.

on a.n.other topic, I sighed with relief about the drum solos, as I thought you were about to say the Neil Peart\\\'s solo efforts was your most overhyped...I get the feeling you don\\\'t really rate him much...I may be wrong. I think he is superb.

And also...a very belated birthday wish from me. Sorry, next year I promise I will add it to my calendar on the fridge.!

posty mcposterton
over fourteen years ago

I totally agree about the Take Five drum solo. I mean, historical context, it\\\'s cool... but it\\\'s not rocket surgery or brain science.


Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum
over fourteen years ago

I was afraid you would mention Ginger Baker\\\'s \\\"Toad\\\" from Wheels of Fire. Whew! Missed by that much! It was always my favorite drum solo, but not being a drummer myself (despite my name) I wouldn\\\'t know if it was great or tedious. I wasn\\\'t in the right mental state back then to know... ;^)

Thanks for the baseball rain delay video. I think the Irish dancers were the best! What a hoot! Too bad the fans left the stadium, they missed a good one!
Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum

J. D. Mack
over fourteen years ago

The context of a drum solo is indeed important. For instance, when hearing Carl Palmer\'s solo in \"Tank\" on the first ELP album, the correct context is to be a 13 year old who has never heard a drum solo before. In that context, Carl Palmer is a FUCKING GOD!!! At least he was to me.

J. D.

Ms. Information
over fourteen years ago

Thanks, Michael, but we\\\'re big Lehrer fans here. In fact, the Maestro has been good enough to store my tons of vinyl from the 80s at his place. Among the inventory are a few Lehrer albums. You make me want to drag those out of storage.

Ms. info

Michael Kris
over fourteen years ago

Aho man I would love to meet this great great master
is there any way I can contact him vie mail?
or just ask a few qustions through you?

Ms. Information
over fourteen years ago

Michael- Look in the right hand pane at the top. You\\\'ll see a click for \\\"Write to Geo\\\".

Ms. Info

over fourteen years ago

Your description of understanding the guitar/piano in-tune thing reminds me of my experience understanding the tangent curve in calculus, and pretty much all of chemistry. \"Oh yeah, I totally get it -oh, no, it\'s gone.\"

Also, happy belated birthday. Apparently, I am a royally forgetful jerkface.

Jason From Tampa
over fourteen years ago

USF! That\\\'s my Alma Mata! Sorry, I get excited when I see USF doing something in news that isn\\\'t shall we say less then flattering...

Michael Kris
over fourteen years ago

Hey it was my Birthday on the 6th ( 6.6 hehe)
I remember how crazy peaple were on the 6.6.06
By the way ,Geo, I was wondering if you ever heard about Tom Lehrer :
you might find his songs very intersting.
you can find more of his songs by searching youtube.

over fourteen years ago

I shouldn\'t write comments at 2am, it\'s Taiko not tyco.

over fourteen years ago


over fourteen years ago

I have to totally agree with you about out of context drum solos. Now back when I was in a band I played some wonderful solo drum bits (wonderfully written, only competently played) but all within context and those are the absolute most fun to do.

I can and will listen to Japanese tyco drumming for hours. Best concert I\\\'ve ever been at was tyco drummers and just feeling the rhythm in my whole body was incredible. Is this a form of drumming you ever listen to much?

By the way, thanks for pronouncing my name right. I know mine wasn\\\'t one of the hardest in the list but I\\\'ve heard Westleigh mangled in every possible way. We almost share a birthday, mine was the 9th.