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May 2, 2007

The show notes:

Gig Report:

-what instrument do you play?
Antiques Roadshow
Abstinence Report
Religious Moron of the Week
-Randall Tobias
High School Workshop
Letter from Warren T
Bob Dylan's XM Promo
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards
-David Hargis
Daily Show and Colbert Report viewers are smart
Send Geo a question already


Mentioned in the show: Philadelphia Funk Authority, the Michael Sparks story, and George at CD Baby.

And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, a question, or want a copy of "Non-Coloring Book" for your very own? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

Dave Jackson
almost seventeen years ago

Next to Freebird dude is his distant cousin -Zeppelin Man - as in -Play some Zeppelin, Man. Not be be confused with his retard nephew -Play something good - dude.

almost seventeen years ago

Randal Tobias. My cockles are warm, too. Such a hypocritical idiot. I love the moron segment. Great show overall, George.