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Jun 18, 2009

The Show Notes

Hats are awesome
Olympus Video
Asking to get paid
Interesting Fauna

- Phorid Flies and Zombie Ants  from Dean Mehrkens
I know CPA
Saw UP. Go. Now!
Religious Moron of the Week
- Kleberg County Texas  from Ted Judah
- John Ensign  from Patrick Lawrence
- Cardinal Cormac  from Sean Hickey & Ash Donaldson
New Element 112
Skeptic Mix Tape
Show close

Mentioned in the show:
Skepticality with Derek and Swoopy
The OLYMPUS LS-10 videos:
What's It Sound Like? Olympus LS-10: Episode 1
What's It Sound Like? Olympus LS-10: Episode 2
A Day with the Easton School of Rock and the Olympus LS-10

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Ms. Information says "Click away, my pretties."

Doug in Alaska
almost fifteen years ago

For my computer services, I charge $10/hr. I do not do it as a business, so $10/hr makes my time valuable while still being affordable. That said, I have a limited customer list.

Eric Hess
almost fifteen years ago

Just finished ep 120, and have a question for George, this Cardinal Cormac should take a real look at ALL of the wars throughout history, and the fact that they based on religious differences and misunderstandings. Even this war that is happening in Iraq has in it\\\'s roots a fundamental lack of understanding the ways of Islam. A few bad apples can always spoil a party, and I\'d have to put Al-Quaeda in that bunch. Moreover, why can\\\'t the politicians listen to what Islam is telling them?

Anyway, talk about a moron to set an example for other morons to come. I\\\'d asked you a question about this a while back: How many times throughout history has Religion been used as an excuse for war, directly or indirectly?

Ah well, on to ep 121, you go, man GO!

One other note, the reCAPTHCHA actually put up the name of a very good Aussie beer, \\\"Kilkenny\\\".

almost fifteen years ago

Thanks for sharing

Peter Sosna
almost fifteen years ago

\\\"I was hiding under your porch because I love you...\\\"

J. D. Mack
almost fifteen years ago

I\\\'m glad to see I\\\'m not the only person who cried during \\\"Up.\\\" As one who has parents that dreamed of going to Hawaii, and who then lost his mother before that dream could be realized, and who now has a father that now lives sadly alone without his soul mate, I almost had to leave the theater after the opening segment of the movie. I only barely held it together to make it to the end.

almost fifteen years ago

For a while I was charging about 20% more than my hourly wage for contract work. But then I found out that was a lot less than the normal rate. But I also found out that three things happened when I started doubling my expected rate.

First, people seemed to take me more seriously. I was a professional, not an amateur who wanted to make money.

Second, they seemed happier about the end product and more forgiving of bugs. Finally, I was much more motivated to do work and to do quality work, or refer them to someone else if I didn\\\'t have the expertise. I attribute this to the \\\"Name Brand Effect,\\\" where people think something is more effective if it costs more. (More info available here.)

So my advice on how to charge people is to take what you\\\'d like to make and then double it. As long as you can act like you\\\'re worth it, you\\\'ll want to do a better job and they\\\'ll be happier with the end product.

almost fifteen years ago

I know exactly how you feel about asking to get paid. I have to price whole jewelry lines and sculptures that I make a price custom work and it\\\'s hell. Probably second only to doing my self-emplyment taxes

almost fifteen years ago

What do you (individually) get paid when you play for PFA? Take that number, add 15 percent for being a Renaissance man, and divide by 24. Bingo: an hourly rate to charge!

almost fifteen years ago

Digital versatile case you haven\\\'t received 10000 emails with that.

posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago

UP! was great. Made me cry several times...


Ms. Information
almost fifteen years ago

And not a moment too soon!

almost fifteen years ago

Welcome back Carrie!

I saw Up! the other night. Brilliant storytelling with minimal words. Really astonishing movie making all around with some really funny bits (None of your mailman friends can save you now) Maybe there was something in my eyes. They kept tearing up and made me miss parts of the movie. :}

BTW, I found you the first time through Skepticality oh those many moons ago.

almost fifteen years ago

Yeah, I think I had something* in my eyes too when I was SQUIRREL!

* the size of a combine harvester