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Aug 6, 2009


The Show Notes

See Geo with Lisa Bodnar on Sunday
See Geo with PFA on Sunday

Highlights from Friday’s Geologic Show
- Intro
- Simple Simian
- When I Was Your Age
- Blue Genes
- She Suffers from Superlatives
- Fifty Stories
- ‘Ya Famous?
- Bebop
- god is not great
- Atlanta
Show close
8 more minutes of the Geologic podcast


Mentioned in the show: Lisa Bodnar at Musikfest; Philadelphia Funk Authority at Musikfest.

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Ms. Information says 1] Thanks to all of you who came out to Volksplatz for the Maestro's show! and 2] I'm totally over-using #getoffmylawn on twitter.

over fourteen years ago

It\\\'s so great to hear Geo live with the full band! I hope one day I can see it in person.