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Aug 20, 2009

The Show Notes

Just chill… seriously.
Money in Bank Account Light
Uncle Thaddeus: The Garzeebo Islands
Happy Birthday, Chuck
History Chunk
Lucky 13 and Massimo and Eternity
Religious Morons

- Doug Manchester
- Some Bahamanian Men  from Lowell Vaughn
Ask George 
- Bass?  from Maximilian Hamel
- Molly or Ignatius?  from Aiden Barnes
- UFOs?  from Matt Deacon
- Ties?  from Hunter
- Roller coasters? from Paul Maki
PFA opening for the Gin Blossoms
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Philadelphia Funk Authority; Steel Force at Wikipedia; Dorney Park; Maya and Geo on the coaster.

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J. D. Mack
over fourteen years ago

Ah, Dorney Park! George, did you ever go into the recording-studio-in-a-shack close to The Hercules roller coaster, where you could pick out a song, and make a recording of you singing with the backing tracks? Well I want you to know that that equipment was installed by yours truly, and I probably mastered the tape or CD with the backing tracks. I also trained the employees, but I take no responsibility for anything that happened after opening weekend. (I have this vague feeling that I\\\'ve told you this before, so forgive me if I repeat myself).

Brian \\\"NoE\\\" Mahony
over fourteen years ago


i\\\'ve got two words for those assholes geo: FUCK THEM if they hate one minute of an ENTIRE podcast they should unsubscribe and go back to watching the 700 Club and Fox News

glad to see Uncle Thaddeus make his triumphant return to the podcast Y A Y!!

boygollygee i\\\'d love to visit the Garzeebo Islands

over fourteen years ago

I just saw this on another forum. It\\\'s the best Venn diagram ever.

It would have been more appropriate for last week
s program.

Chuck D.
over fourteen years ago

My kids will see me as their hero for the rest of their lives? I\\\'m speechless, but only because I\\\'m laughing too hard. I will now pause for fifteen minutes to gather my wind. (Insert fart joke here.)

I\\\'m back...

So my wife may be a little sick of hearing about Geo\\\'s career. Hey, if my wife\\\'s friends could do anything half as cool as this podcast, tell jokes, rock the drums and guitar and sing great cover tunes and compose funny and often poignant original songs, then she\\\'d be talking about it too. My friends are much cooler than am I, so vicarious thrills are better than none.

I would rather walk the mall anonymously, but have a few more CD\\\'s to my credit.

If you\\\'re bored in the \\\'burbs, say \\\"Euphonium\\\".

over fourteen years ago

No, No, NO! Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged is *not* part of a race of immortals. He accidentally became immortal in an accident involving an irrational particle accelerator, a liquid lunch, and a pair of rubber bands that caused his immortality. The details of this event have never been made entirely clear, which has resulted in a number of people looking very silly, or dead, or both, in attempts to replicate the event.

over fourteen years ago

Way to go geo! Completely feel for you with those losers spleen venting in your direction. Hope they go make their own original podcasts so they can get flamed and test the pain!

posty mcposterton
over fourteen years ago

I\\\'m so mad at you, Geo. How dare you have an opinion! ;)

Great show... the \\\"1 in 5\\\" roller coaster idea killed me. Well, not in the 20% odds kinda way... but I did almost die laughing.


over fourteen years ago

NEWS!!! Milton Mermikides just won the TAM London essay contest! He\\\'ll be there at the convention!! :D :D

over fourteen years ago

I suppose even being Internet famous turns a person into a kind of fun-house mirror into which flocks of narcissists will wank to their own distorted reflections. (Hmm, where did that Kleenex go...?)

There must be a niche here for a new product of some kind.

Introducing Spoo-Shield(R)! Not an anti-virus nor an anti-spam product, Spoo-Shiled(R) is Guaranteed* to deflect digital bukakke from your online persona. Stop taking it on the chin with Spoo-Shield(R)!

*Guarantee void in domains that include a dot.

over fourteen years ago

I think the book that Massimo was talking about might be Robert Heinlein\\\'s \\\"Time Enough For Love\\\". It\\\'s a brilliant book and I highly suggest it.

RE: Music (again) and Tony Levin\\\'s contribution (or not)to Yes . . . I\\\'ve had an idea for several years that wouldn\\\'t it be a fun/nerdy/cool thing to draw up a chart that shows all the connections of all the players in all our favorite 80\\\'s bands? For example, Yes has Steve Howe who played with Asia that had Carl Palmer who played with ELP. But for one album ELP was Emerson Lake and Powell. Powell was Cozy Powell the drummer and he played with Jeff Beck for a while.

So the #of degrees between say, Tony Levin and Jeff Beck is 6 (or maybe 7 let\\\'s see). Tony Levin played with King Crimson and John Wetton played with King Crimson and also with Asia that had Carl Palmer who played with ELP that also had Cozy Powell who played with Jeff Beck.


Bill Bruford played with King Crimson and also with UK that had Alan Holdsworth. Allan played with Jean-Luc Ponty on teh Enigmatic Ocean album with Daryl Stuermer who was also in Genesis that had Peter Gabriel as it\\\'s singer and Peter Gabriel\\\'s bass player is now Tony Levin.

But, on that same Jean-Luc Ponty album Steve Smith Smith who played with Journey with Neal Schon who also played with Santana that had Buddy Miles for a drummer at one time and Buddy played with Hendrix (who never had Tony Levin as a bass player) and on and on and on. . .

Well, I think it would be cool.

David P.
over fourteen years ago

Congratulations on your 2 to the 7th power episode.

Mmmm, beer and carrot cake, when\\\'s your next party?

over fourteen years ago

The insulter was Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged. He\\\'s not a member of a race of immortals, but became immortal after an accident with an irrational particle accelerator, a pair of rubber bands and a liquid lunch. He called Arthur \\\"a jerk, a complete asshole\\\".

On another SF note, Cory Doctorow\\\'s \\\"Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom\\\" has a society in which people are essentially immortal because they back themselves up, and can restore themselves to freshly-grown bodies if their old bodies get killed. When people get bored with life in this world, they often do a full backup and kill their bodies after arranging to be restored 50, 100, or more years in the future -- jumping forward to see what\\\'s new, without all that tedious standing around in between.

Peter Sosna
over fourteen years ago

You pronounced Linnean incorrectly. As soon as I can figure out a rude and obnoxious way to tell you that I will send a 1500 word email about it.

I love the roller coasters at 6 Flags New Jersey. The Batman coaster is very intense, the wooden coaster El Toro is very mean, and Kingda Ka, the tallest fastest roller coaster in the world, is stunning. It goes from zero to 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. When I sat in the front I experienced something I had never felt before: It made my eye lids flap.

István Lakatos
over fourteen years ago

Just so you know George, I\\\'m saying this in deffence of the immortals :P
The guy who insults Arthur became immortal by a freak acident, and normally immortals born immortals know their role in life. But our friend here just didn\\\'t know what his purpose is now, because he did everything that h could imagine doing, so in the end he decided to insult everyone in the world.

Just helping out ;P

over fourteen years ago

I think I would be the perfect candidate for immortality. I can barely remember last month, let alone 100 years ago. Every experience would be fresh, for me.

@carriep \\\"The Shearing\\\" a late 70s horror flick about a rampaging sheep farmer with gasoline powered clippers. As someone who sported a big Jewfro at that time, it sounds pretty scary.

reCAPTCHA: \\\"Chicago yours\\\" was that after Chicago V?

Dr. Dim
over fourteen years ago

Geo, I\\\'m sorry.


Pete Nixon
over fourteen years ago

Geo you are so freakin\\\' right that those nit picky jack asses should shut the hell up because the rest of us love the show!


over fourteen years ago

Haven\\\'t first in forever, it seems.


It\\\'s seriously weird that someone would think that a skeptical movement would be unified in all things. Especially, political bent. Weird.

over fourteen years ago

Maybe it\\\'s a show that really incites a lot of passionate responses which then influences email responses? It\\\'s the only podcast that has anything like an \\\'advice column\\\' for skeptically-minded people. So maybe it\\\'s just emotional investment that has built up when there\'s little things that really shouldn\'t matter?

Ha, that list was kind of like the \\\"Global Gender Gap Rank\\\" on episode 41...

Okay, we should buy more Geologic stuff, maybe, instead.