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Aug 28, 2009

The Show Notes

Tamtoy TAM Tom
Milton’s Essay
Geo's Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics

- Death to Autotune
3 movies
Guess Which One
Interesting Fauna
- Vespa mandarinia  from Jason Schmidt
Atlanta Star Party with Phil Plait and Pamela Gay
“NO” button on FACEBOOK
Fonophonaphone  from Paul C.
Happy Birthday, Joe!
Fanboy letter (thanks Mike Oliver!)
4 interviews:
- Rick Tetrault: Starbase 66- The Admiral's Table
- Dave Jackson: Power of Podcasting
- Young Australian Skeptics: Pseudo Scientist Podcast
- Eran Segev: SkepticZone (Slau, too!)
See you in Atlanta!
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Mentioned in the show: Rick Tetrault: Starbase 66- The Admiral's Table; Dave Jackson: Power of Podcasting; Young Australian Skeptics: Pseudo Scientist Podcast; Eran Segev: SkepticZone; the Star Party; Dr. Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer; updated Upcoming Gigs page at Geologic Records.

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Ms. Information says about the NO on Facebook: I know, right?! And, mno haya lita, Josef!

Brian\"No E\"Mahony
almost fifteen years ago

gawdammit geo....why didn\\\'t you say dingus??? gaaah....anyways...

in reference to the tamtoy tam segment

what would \\\"that toy from tailand that I bought with cooked ham at the Amazing Meeting over there\\\" be in Ukrainian?


i loved your mom\\\'s Lou Reed Burn too btw >:P

Tom Elliott
almost fifteen years ago

I love Chinese tongue twisters - the language is tonal, and the number of different sounds is smaller.

You really need the tones for it to make sense - link is at the bottom.

si shi si
shi shi shi
shi si shi shi si
si shi shi si shi
si shi si zhi shi shi zi shi si de.

It means \\\"4 is 4, 10 is 10, 14 is 14, 40 is 40, 44 stone lions are dead.\\\"


almost fifteen years ago

I love Chinese tongue twisters - the language is tonal, and the number of different sounds is smaller.

Elliot Birch
almost fifteen years ago

Hey George, happeh birsday!

Thanks for coming on the Pseudo Scientists!



almost fifteen years ago

I\\\'m still waiting for \\\'To Kill a Mockingbird\\\' to come out on the Wii.

almost fifteen years ago

Hey, all; auction winner here. Thanks for all your comments on the song. It was lightning in a bottle for me and I can\\\'t guarantee that there will be more, and to compound the problem, I am a Neandertal nerd without a Facebook or a Twitter feed to use to alert the world of any new thing I do. I can be reached at my e-mail and LJ addresses if necessary.

Oh, and if you ever see a Geo on auction, I highly recommend placing a bid. My purchase was a fabulous time, and it even came with an extra outfit for Geo to change into for the talent show. A+++++, would bid again.

ReCaptcha: \\\"revises Spassky.\\\" I wish; I can barely keep straight how the chess pieces move, much less figure out strategery....

almost fifteen years ago

Re: Guess Which One.

I don\\\'t know what it is, but something about that song gives off the vibe of a \\\"closing credits in a movie\\\" song.

Note: That is not by any stretch a bad thing.

ReCaptcha words: velopment wighting

almost fifteen years ago

I thought the song rocked when I saw you and Keisha perform it during the talent show video feed but the recording turned out fantastic!

According to one list I\\\'ve seen Miyazaki has 3 of the top ten highest grossing films in Japan. Spirited Away #1, Howl\\\'s Moving Castle #3, Princess Mononoke #4. It was dated 2008 so who knows if Ponyo will make the top 10 as well. I haven\\\'t seen it yet even though I\\\'m a huge Miyazaki fan, I\\\'m kind of picky about foreign films and always like to watch them subtitled rather than dubbed.

almost fifteen years ago

I don\\\'t want to be a fucking douche bag buuuuut, You got to lay off the mastering of your moms JZ lyrics. I couldn\\\'t even hear her. Listen for your self

District 9 Ruled. 2/3 through is when it got fucking AWESOME(the bullet catching thing+). My buddies and I were vocalizing in the movie theater the pleasure of the awesomeness. It will be the best video game ever.

George Hrab
almost fifteen years ago

\\\"It will be the best video game ever.\\\"

Wow... that\\\'s what I said when I saw Citizen Kane!

Go figure...


almost fifteen years ago

Wow! I loved \\\"Guess Which One.\\\" Keisha is one talented lady. You musical types blow my mind.

Can\\\'t wait for Atlanta! So sorry you won\\\'t be there for the Star Party. They\\\'ll have to play \\\"Far\\\" in your honor.

David P.
almost fifteen years ago

The Ukranian \\\"bossy\\\" phrase reminds me of a similar Japanese phrase \\\"Uraniwa ni wa ni wa, niwa ni wa ni wa niwatori aru.\\\" Which means roughly \\\"There are two chickens in the back yard and two in the front yard.\\\"

Keisha! Thanks for the song. Aren\\\'t you in TX? I\\\'m in the Dallas area.

I work with geophones and hydrophones in my job. Geophone seems appropriate.

I\\\'ll be in Atlanta Thursday, but won\\\'t be able to make it to the Star Party since I\\\'m meeting with a friend that I haven\\\'t seen in over 20 years. See you at Dragon*Con.

almost fifteen years ago

Oh, re: Milton\\\'s name -

almost fifteen years ago

I can really sympathize with your mom about the chipmunk. A few years ago, rats ate our car (well, some of it) just before we were to head out for family Christmas:

almost fifteen years ago

Just into listening to the Podcast and I\\\'m compelled to post this here (just because it\\\'s the only way I know to get feedback to Keesha). Wow, just wow Guess Which One rivals anything that I\\\'ve heard from a group on the internet. I would encourage her to write more because I for one would like to look forward to more from this talented women. OK I\\\'m off to listen to the rest of the show.

Brian \\\"NoE\\\" Mahony
almost fifteen years ago


the phrase is, \\\"no good deed goes unpunished\\\"

and the whole beginning was FUCKING HILARIOUS, but the thing you gotta realize is that....I\\\'m actually Irish...

hee...Milton MississippiMissouri
Milton Manmademechanics

and the chimpmunk in The Mangler bit was fucking funny too...your mom sounded mortified :D I guess the chipmunks are your puffins >:)

i saw D9 as well...i TOTALLY called what happened to the main character...i originally thought he was gunna turn into a liquid pile of shit, but i can\\\'t wait to see great anime and natzi asskicking!

loved the song man!! too late to put it on Trebuchet??? hhhhmMMMM??

Vespa mandarinia: D: FUCK YOU HRAB!!! this bug sounds horrific....sounds like the protaganist in a B-movie X| and i thought REGULAR wasps and hornets were bad enough! gawdammit...i may NEVER travel to Japan EVER

oh and EvilDead references FTW!\\\'s a thing of power that ignore button on Facebook

i\\\'ll stick with vibraphoe thanks! :)


I SAW THAT TOO!!! OH MY gOD!!! M I N D F U C K!!!!

I loved the Jamacain bank dude(i know i spelt it wrong...go blow an octopus.....what!?!)

and i\\\'ll listen to someone geek out about Trek any day!

what about having cooked pig at the amazing meeting over there??


if i got that wrong please correct me

~No E

ps: ReCaptcha- studied mom....well i guess that\\\'s what you do after having her read JayZ lyrics

Brian \\\\\\\"NoE\\\\\\\" Mahony
almost fifteen years ago

whoops i just realized i left out one of my Milton last name things...

Milton Manminedkernite
Milton Millhousekrusty

I\'ll keep posting them as I think of them :D

almost fifteen years ago

Yay, Bridget gets to go to TAM London too! :D That is so nifty! Give Milton a congrats hug for us all!