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Sep 15, 2009


Nebraska et al.
When I Was Your Age
- Hovind's parole?
- What band?
- Favorite animal?
- Best weapon?
- Superhero?
- Finite infinite?
- Odor or hiccoughs?
- Head sweat?
- Skeptic?
- Far?
- Pants/socks?
- Geeky kids?
- Squirrels?
- Song stuck?
- Humor in music?
- Least favorite song?
- Apocalypse?
- Knock knock?
- Walk or bus?
- Car name?
- Out of bed?
- Celeb photos?
- Ends of albums?
- Jimmy cracking corn?
- How many licks?
- Turn ons?
- Basement dweller?
- Telly?
- Brain dead?
- Escalator?
- Bodies?
- Yes album?
- Gilbert vs. Sullivan?
- What question?
- Cleavage?
- Mirror mirror?
- Kirk vs. Picard?
The Twitter Song
- featuring Richard Saunders and Jeff Wagg
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Mentioned in the show + more information: Runza - the Midwestern knish; Richard Saunders on twitter; SkepticZone; Jeff Wagg on twitter; JREF; 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast; Year of Astronomy on twitter; Year of Astronomy UK on twitter; Pamela Gay; Pamela Gay on twitter; Derek and Swoopy from Skepticality; Derek Colanduno on twitter; Swoopy on twitter; Slau on twitter; A Kovacs on twitter; Geo on twitter; the FAR video; the FAR video at blip.

Thanks to Bruce "Icepick" Press for the mp3 image of Geo-in-boa. Bruce on twitter.

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Lauren Cocilova
almost fifteen years ago

I would buy \\\"Songs I Hate,\\\" too. And then sing along really loudly and sarcastically.

Also, my personal get-that-out-of-my-head song is Black Sabbath\\\'s \\\"Iron Man.\\\" My friend Chris sang that to me for about two years in high school and now I am immune to it\\\'s stuck-in-the-head powers and can use it to evict any other song which tries. :)

David P.
almost fifteen years ago

This show was one of the highlights of my trip to Dragon*Con. Great to hear it again.

Chris Sol
almost fifteen years ago

Geo, you were on FIRE man! What a wonderful live show. So glad you decided to record/air it.


almost fifteen years ago

Simply amazing show.

You rock Geo!!

almost fifteen years ago

Look out, Nebraskanista in the room.

The show was wonderful. Hilarious performance, Geo.
It sounded like you were really having fun and the D*C audience was loving it. Nice job.

J. D. Mack
almost fifteen years ago

I really enjoyed the Twitter Song. I missed a bunch of them somehow. The \\\"dolphin\\\" tweet and the \\\"tai chi\\\" tweet were good ones! The \\\"Grease\\\" tweet was hilarious!

(captcha - Gilbert Debacle. I guess that fight didn\\\'t work out they way you thought!)

almost fifteen years ago

Many many excellent moments in this podcast, but the phrase \\\\\\\"butter tent\\\\\\\" is what stayed with me all day. Wonderful performance!

almost fifteen years ago

I would totally buy \\\"Songs I Hate\\\" by George Hrab. ;-)

almost fifteen years ago

Great show! First time, second time and probably third time as well.

Paul Maki
almost fifteen years ago

Runzas are called bierocks in the generic form. Yes, this means someone coined the term \\\"runza\\\" and named the eatery thusly.

Everyone was too polite apparently to correct you, the honored guest. Kearney is pronounced \\\"CAR-knee.\\\" Other Nebraska places of note pronunciation-wise are Beatrice (bee-AT-riss) and Norfolk (NOR-fork). Not that the lattter two would really matter as they are nowhere near Kearney.

I spent a while in TV in Nebraska and always heard about it from the natives if one of the anchors from out of town would mess up placenames.

almost fifteen years ago


Awesome to see you at Dragon*Con, in perfect form as usual. I don\'t get to see you in concert much, living in the south, so it\'s always great to catch a live show. Keep up the awesome work!


recaptcha was named tracheas. I only have the one. Should I name it?

posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago

Yay! Fucking LOOOOONG Q&A...