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Sep 17, 2009

The Show Notes

The Lester Bank Show
Flying with empty seats
Dr. Damian Handzy’s Facts That’ll Fuck You Up

- photos of  individual atoms
Religious Moron of the Week
- Vissarion the Russian Jesus  from Jared Congiardo
- evolution shirt school people  from Bruce Icepick Press & Jared C
- Wikler Moran-Mora  from Jason Guilford
Eternal Earthbound Pets
Ask George
- clothing gauntlet  from Gregg D.
- songwriting  from Joey in Riverside CA
- common sense  from Jordon K. Stanich
The Rookie
e-bay UK auction & TAM London
Show close


Mentioned in the show + more information: Inside Science: First detailed photos of atoms; Eternal Earth-Bound Pets; The Rookie at Scott Sigler's site; Philadelphia Tailgate Tour info; Tailgate Tour schedule; Geo on e-bay; TAM London.

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Ms. Information says "Go Krakens!"

almost fifteen years ago

Been wondering something for a while now:

Does Geo add voice effects like the plane PA and dramatic echo while doing the cast live, or does he do that as a post-production thing?

J. D. Mack
almost fifteen years ago


Not that I think this is the main influence of The Lester Bank show, but as I listened to that, I couldn\'t help but wonder - are you a fan of The Firesign Theatre?

J. D.

Stephen R Whelan
almost fifteen years ago

Avast, ye CarrieP: I be extendin\\\' a warm-as-Hades\\\'-belly thanks from myselfsome fer clearin\\\' up of yon posting misshap. I find meself wishin for naught but a pirate smiley, but arg, there be none and in lie of that treasure, :D says I.

Now fatten the treasure vaults and hoist the Jolly Roger, ye scabbard\\\'s vermin! The day to speech as the salty voices of us buccaneers be here and ye nay stop the rum til black dusk, arg!

Bart vonck
almost fifteen years ago


you have to forgive George,
since he has become a truckdriver (
he has become a little irritable

Lauren Cocilova
almost fifteen years ago

I have my name in with the Eternal Earthbound Pets organization for if and when they expand their network (hey, is that an innuendo? \\\"hey baby, I\\\'ll expand your network\\\"...) to New York State. Because, in the slim-to-none chance that there were actually to be any sort of biblical rapture type thing-y, it\\\'s not the pets\\\' fault that their owners were inconsiderate bastards who got pets knowing full well they couldn\\\'t fulfill their commitment to the pets.

almost fifteen years ago

My favorite laugh out loud moment:

Geo: ..the lovely Ms.Information will be there celebrating her BRILLIANT design......WHAT?!!

Ms.Info: [barely audible clarification of her design contribution to book]

[an inexplicably annoyed]Geo: YEAH, FIIIINE!! WHATEVER!

Smooth, George. Very smooth.

Fernando Torres
almost fifteen years ago

Lester Bank is George Carlin, isn\\\'t it?

Stephen R Whelan
almost fifteen years ago

Holy blazing saddles! Holy crocodile dundee! What the funk?

That Lester Bank monologue thing: I must memorize it. I am gonna do it. I\\\'m going to show the world. Damnit.

Geo, at the risk of sounding uninformed (but I am, hence my very ASKING this question!) what was the inspiration for that intro? I\\\'d love to know!

Stephen R Whelan
almost fifteen years ago

Holy crocodile dundee, that Lester Bank intro is one of Geo\\\'s best evaaarrrr!!!!

I am absolutely going to memorize it and present it as a monologue and show the world how it\\\'s done! It is gonna happen!

Geo, I\\\'d love to know what inspired that opening bit. If it is a reference to something, what is it exactly?

almost fifteen years ago

Dear Lester Bank:

You scare the hell out of me, but for some reason I want to sign up for your newsletter.

Yours in musk,