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Sep 24, 2009

The Show Notes

A lengthy interview with the one and only Slau
show close

Fun Activity:
During the Slau interview, count how many times Geo says “wow.”


Mentioned in the show + more information:

Thursday Sept 24
Geo playing drums with the Lisa Bodnar Band
Piano's Showroom
158 Ludlow Street, New York City

Geo’s London Event open for non-TAMers:
FRIDAY Oct. 2nd 5:30 - 7:00
The Camden Head
100 Camden High Street London NW1 0LU

Geo interviewed on:
Bollix! Science and Skepticism Podcast, Episode 10
Nonsense Podcast, Episode 10

Slau links:
Sessions with Slau
Slau's main site
The Weight of Words


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Ms. Information says: Yes, I'm the one who over-directs the walk. Especially the escalators. [sigh]

almost fifteen years ago

Very interesting show. You can tell George and Slau have been friends for a long time. Both have picked up each other\\\'s vocal quirks.

almost fifteen years ago

There\\\'s nothing wrong with you, Carriep. There seems to be all sorts of interesting things going on in the brains of Geo and Slau. It\\\'s like a freezing cold forest in the middle of the night when it\\\'s raining and there\\\'s wolves. A mesmerizing, terrifying and extremely interesting place.

almost fifteen years ago

Hi jbrydle - it\\\'s not a video, it\\\'s a children\\\'s science show? They tour in Sydney and the official site\\\'s photos are at:

I do have a little bit of footage which I took of the SZ team doing the show at Dragon*Con, which you can find on my YouTube site at

almost fifteen years ago

wow, now I want Slau to be my friend too. I was skeptical about an interview show, but when it was finished I really was wishing that it wasn\\\'t

almost fifteen years ago

Wasn\'t the *first* time we\'ve heard you talk with Slau ... at least, not those of us who heard Slau\'s episode with you from the NAMM show.

Rob H
almost fifteen years ago

I can\'t get into London in time to make the gig on the 2nd - will you be loitering in the pub afterwards?

Ed Ovett
almost fifteen years ago

The interview with Slau was both interesting and enjoyable. Good show Geo!

almost fifteen years ago

George mentioned a video of Richard Saunders and Dr. Rachie doing a \'skepticism for kids\' thing... anyone have a link to that? Thanks.

almost fifteen years ago

Enjoyed that. Thanks.

almost fifteen years ago

Oh - doesn\\\'t work? But if you head into the Internet Archive, you can see the liner notes and all the stories behind the songs, et al.*/

Dr. Dim
almost fifteen years ago

I counted 12 wows. It was fun.

almost fifteen years ago

Funny, he doesn\\\'t sound blind. :)

This was a really nice interview. Wouldn\\\'t we all learn so much, if we took this kind of time to talk to all our friends and family about their lives?

I enjoyed my brief opportunity speaking with Slau at Dragon*Con. He\\\'s such a mensch.

posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago




almost fifteen years ago

\\\'During the Slau interview, count how many times Geo says \\\"wow.\\\"\\\'
Much more fun to count how many times they giggle! :)