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Oct 8, 2009

The Show Notes

No sleep until Holborn

Show intro


National History Museum

Watching Tim Minchin

Nuts and Pubs

Skeptical Explanation T.F.1

Diet Coke & Accents / Not to Nitpick

Surreal Soviet Programming on English Television

Show Close

INSANE thanks to Tracy King, Milton and Bridget Mermikides, Damian Handzy, Phil Plait, all at the JREF...and all the purchasers of all the Diet Cokes. Cheers!


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Ms. Information says: "That photo of the Maestro on the cast site? Yes, that was how he arrived at the studio after 12 hours of traveling. Cheers!"

almost fourteen years ago

Sounds like a good time was had by all! And here I am, stuck in Toronto. Oh well, at least I didn\\\'t miss out on the rain part...

almost fourteen years ago

\\\"Tell him about the twinkie, Ray\\\"

almost fourteen years ago

The maestro refuses to \\\"pimp\\\" himself for an award, so I\\\'m here to pimp him instead. The PEOPLES CHOICE PODCAST AWARD nominations are currently underway, and I have nominated his honorable program for an award in the ENTERTAINMENT category.

The NOMs close next Sunday at midnight EDT and there might still be a way to get GEO\\\'s POD into the final 5 that can then be voted on. So, any/all of you fans out, go to, listen to Todd and then make your nomination(s).

Ian In BC
almost fourteen years ago

please Geo, go to bed!!

almost fourteen years ago

Had to hit pause on the podcast for a moment to pay tribute.

\"But we have not yet been floored -- we have not yet been kicked in the taint by the majesty of research.\"

That one line deserves a Congressional Medal of Asskicking. Maybe a knighthood.

Hitting \"play\" now....

almost fourteen years ago instead of \\\'Adventures of the Philadelphia Funk Authority\\\' we can expect future \\\'Adventures of the Soviet Piano Flying Helicopter Tractor Low-Bass Singing Fast Motion Audience Running Out Let\\\'s Play Band\\\'?

almost fourteen years ago

one of these days, I\'ll be caught up. I\'m about three eps behind. Look forward to hearing about TAM London!