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Oct 15, 2009

The Show Notes

Tempo's 50th
Double Header
Productive day in the studio
Horror Scopes
Do You Have A Clarinet?
Ask George  

- In love with a believer?  from Guy Dresher
- Religious moron, spiritual, twitter?  from Arioch Morningstar
- Far video tricks?  from Bruno in Belgium
- Where's one?  from John Funk
- Which Zappa?  from Keith Williams
Phil Plait’s V2 Observation
Show close


Mentioned in the Show:

Best mother-son dance ever

Dr. Phil Plait

FAR video on YouTube

FAR video at Blip


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almost fifteen years ago

Anyone have the name of the Steve Gadd track in Where\'s One?

Iason Ouabache
almost fifteen years ago

Great episode. Your \\\"Do You Have A Clarinet?\\\" number reminds me a lot of Local H\\\'s song \\\"Hit the Skids Or: How I Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Rock\\\" and Soul Coughing\\\'s \\\"Janine\\\". I guess I have a weird habit of liking songs that heavily use answering machine messages. ;)

You have a good point about Twitter. Its your account and you can do whatever the fuck you want with it. I enjoy your tweets and always retweet the ones that I find amusing. Small nitpick about Direct Messages though, you can on send DMs to people that you are following. So sure, you might be having long meaningful conversations with Clive Wearing and no one else. At the very least I would think that you\\\'d follow Slau, Ms. Information and Phil Plait.

Iason Ouabache
almost fifteen years ago

Oh, I just remembered. \\\"Borderline\\\" by Brad Sucks has a really funny answering machine message in the middle. Can\\\'t believe I forgot that one.

posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago

I haven\\\'t listened yet, but I like the Zappa in the contents. :)


John Funk
almost fifteen years ago

John Funk here. Yes, John Funk is my real name. Thanks for addressing my question. Your response was very informative, even if you didn\\\'t actually answer it. But I am now satisfied that I\\\'m unlikely to find an answer I\\\'ll be equipped to understand. I will no longer question my one-beat-detecting superpower, I\\\'ll simply enjoy it.

almost fifteen years ago

Just working my way through...

One comment on the prayer-booth moron: yeah, the woman with the chest pains felt better after the prayer. But was she *actually* better? We never heard what happened to her afterwards. If that was the start of a heart attack, she may have headed home (thinking she was better) and then keeled over. Prayer-booth guy may have killed her by convincing her that she was fine.

almost fifteen years ago

About Twitter being like a BLOG...NO! It is exactly like the old DEC OpenVMS PHONE program, except with a party line.

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almost fifteen years ago

Just an observation, but Mr Funk\\\'s \\\'hunt for the One\\\' reminded me of this documentary (sadly, not in complete form online) that I saw back in the 80s - \\\"Lenny Henry Hunts The Funk\\\"
About eight minutes features at
and listed on BFI film database at