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Oct 22, 2009

The Show Notes

The Show So Far
Busy Month
J.C. Hutchins "7th Son: Descent"
Twitter Concerto #1
Show close


Mentioned in the Show:

J.C. Hutchins

Geo on Twitter


Reminder about:
TEMPO Orchestra 50th Anniversary Dance Party

Saturday November 7th at 9:00 PM
Ukrainian American Cultural Center of NJ
60 North Jefferson Rd., Whippany, NJ

Tickets are a 1950s throwback price of only $5.00 per person


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posty mcposterton
fourteen and a half years ago

I don\\\'t do twitter, but I specifically subscribe to Geo\\\'s RSS feed in Google Reader for his twats.

100% gold!

Re:pimped the episode on my blog:
(not that I get all that many hits a day, but it may lead some people to you)


fourteen and a half years ago

I love special-feature shows; especially the show after the special-show as you frantically sardinate 2 weeks worth of stories into 1 show!

Andy, this particular show might be one that\\\'s probably better appreciated by those who\\\'ve listened to the podcast for a while. If this is your first there are a few Best Ofs in the archives that are a good start.

almost fifteen years ago

\\\"Penguin Books - Twitterature - the World\\\'s Greatest Books Retold Through Twitter\\\" -

David Wiley
almost fifteen years ago

My head feels like I\'ve just run an aural marathon.

fourteen and a half years ago

This was my first listen, and I have to say…

Although many of the items in the Twitter Concerto were funny, I honestly hope you don\\\'t do it again. It was *way* too long, and kind of reeked of what I call \\\"humor by attrition.\\\" Basically, if you throw out enough one-liners, you\\\'re bound to find *something* funny.

I liked the beginning of the show enough to try out some other episodes, though :)

Stephen R Whelan
almost fifteen years ago

Gadzooks, I itch-eth to hear the answer to my Ask George question!
Oh well; the important thing is that I beat Carrie P to the comments. That\\\'s what it\\\'s ALL about, right? That and slaying puffins.

almost fifteen years ago

100% awesome.