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Nov 5, 2009

The Show Notes

You need to dial a 1
Marie Osmond
Another great day at the studio: INSTANTIATE!
Missing episodes
Religious Morons of the Week

- Indonesia’s province of Aceh from Jared Congiardo
- Melanie Patton Renfrew from Jared Congiardo
- Jewish Chicken Swingers from Eric Harris
Two Vikings
Ask George
- Christian friend? from Belinda N.
- Woo-woo friend? from Jim F.
MKA high school jazz band
The ebullience of "I Wish"
50th anniversary of TEMPO this Saturday
50th anniversary edition of North by Northwest
Chicago, Thursday the 19th & Boston, Monday the 23rd
Show close


Gig Information

TEMPO Orchestra 50th Anniversary Dance Party
Saturday, November 7th
Ukrainian American Cultural Center of NJ
60 North Jefferson Rd.
Whippany, NJ
9:00 pm
Tickets are a 1950s throwback price of only $5 per person.


Chicago Skeptics Meetup        
Thursday, November 19th
Burton Place
1447 N. Wells St., Chicago
7:30 pm


Boston Skeptics in the Pub
Monday, November 23rd
Tommy Doyle's, Harvard Square
96 Winthrop St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
7:00 – 10:00 pm


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almost fourteen years ago

My Sprint phone doesn\\\'t require a \\\'1\\\', but my new t-mobile phone does. So you are 100% correct, if Sprint doesn\\\'t need it, obviously no one does.

@NobodyNParticular actually Canada, the US and the Caribbean has 1. I personally suspect that \\\'1\\\' was our access long distance number before it became a country code, though I don\\\'t know. :)

almost fourteen years ago

You have to edit 15secs of material out of past episodes? There\\\'s no way including 15 seconds of anything could possibly be illegal.

Why do lawyers seem to think Fair Use only exists for television and newspapers?

thirteen and a half years ago

I think it\'s largely that the lyrics are in context. They make a lot more sense now, when they didn\'t before.

thirteen and a half years ago

Oh, man, \"Fifty Stories\" is sounding amazing. I don\'t know if you did a different vocal track, or if it\'s just all the bits blending together like a nice tuna melt, but I\'m really grooving on the song in a way I hadn\'t before.

I think it\'s largely that the lyrics are in context. They make a lot more sense now, when they didn\'t before.
pearl rings

almost fourteen years ago

I believe Aceh is pronounced \\\"Ah-chay\\\" as in \\\"Banda Aceh\\\" - the area hit hard by the Indonesian tsunami in 2006.

Heliobacter pylori is a bacteria that contributes to ulcers.

- your local neighborhood pedantic geologist

J. D. Mack
almost fourteen years ago

I haven\\\'t gotten through the entire podcast yet, but I just wanted to say that your viking voice could pass for Nathan Explosion! That\\\'s so brutal!

As far as the dialing 1 recording thingy, here is one possible explanation. Here in the Washington, DC area, we have 10-digit dialing. If I dial a number beginning with \\\"703\\\" it may or may not be a long distance number. Perhaps the recording that tells me to dial a \\\"1\\\" first is giving me the opportunity not to make a long distance call without realizing it.

Glenn Webber
almost fourteen years ago

I\\\'ve noticed that our recording has changed recently. It now informs you that it is a long distance call, and if you remain on the line it will make the connection for you. Could be Canadian ingenuity, or merely a test area that I happen to live in.

Also, NobodyNParticular, we also use 1+ as our country code. So perhaps it\\\'s a North American thing?

almost fourteen years ago

Jim F. - Every good skeptic must learn how to structure a logical argument. Study the most common logical fallacies. It is your best weapon against bullshit.

You\'ll see right away the types of fallacious arguments your believer friend is already guilty of using. Then you can argue calmly and rationally without having to call your friend a douchebag, which he kind of is. (

almost fourteen years ago

1 is actually the country code. Figures the US would take that one. So you are calling long distance to the US. If I have this right, the times you don\\\'t have to dial one first is when you are calling a number within the Local Access and Transport Area (LATA).

almost fourteen years ago

How to pronounce \\\"Aceh\\\":

almost fourteen years ago

The pronunciation of \\\"Aceh\\\" is closer to \\\"Ah-Chay\\\". :)

David Wiley
almost fourteen years ago

One purpose that \\\"dial-1\\\" message serves is to instruct auto-dialers to drop the number from their database. They must respect the 3-tone code at the beginning. You can include the same three tones at the beginning of your answering machine message and reduce the number of robocalls you get.

No E Mahony
almost fourteen years ago

whoops! you said 140 when it\'s actually 138 Xo

i can top that melissa

check this out- a 85 tool swiss army knife

ReCaptcha: trovatore goose...hmmm...sounds like a Second Life user name

almost fourteen years ago


What a great word. Run it through some filters in your brain:

Agent Smith/Elrond filter: \"Ebullllience\"
Carl Sagan filter: \"eBULLience\"


almost fourteen years ago

The ulcer agent is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori ( It\\\'s one of the few bacteria I can remember the name for, because it always gives me this mental image of a tiny one-celled creature an itty-bitty helicopter.

almost fourteen years ago

\\\"You said rape twice\\\"
--Hedley Lamarr

I always try to be the best heathen I can be.

almost fourteen years ago

NxNW is one of my fav movies too. When you mentioned it on the podcast I was reminded of this photo I took last spring. Thought you might see it pretty much the same way I did. :)

almost fourteen years ago

Ulcer Bacteria