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May 16, 2007

The show notes:
Jerry Falwell Dead
Liberty University
High School Graduation
Eventually, We All Point at the Mirror
Science Minute

-wireless power
Fight at a Concert
Interesting Fauna
-Arctic Tern
MKA Concert
Kiss DVD in 5.1
Religious Moron of the Week
-Rev. Al Sharpton
Ask George 
-Henk Van Bruggen
Show Close


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fifteen and a half years ago

Another Great one, George. I have to remember to send in an \"Ask George\" question soon.

But for now I\'ll settle for this: is my podcatcher faulty, or was this show put out in Mono, like the Retro show? My MP3 Player (And its accompanying program) doesn\'t like mono, so I had to haul it haul it out to Audacity, double it to make it basic stereo, and re-export.
Did something go wrong on my end, or did you intend it to be mono?

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago

Shouldn\\\'t have been mono... Let me double check my settings. Sorry if that was a pain! (I usually DO record single mic lines in mono, but the final file should be a regular stereo MP3, albeit with matching channels. I\\\'ll make sure...)

Thanks for listening!

Anyone else have this problem?