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Jan 14, 2010

The Show Notes

Now where’s my interocitor...
Would you like a free donut?
I’m a little distracted...
Creation movie (opens Friday, Jan. 22nd)
Ask George  

- Band Names?  from Robert Wilson
- Captain Beefheart?  from Tim in Austin
- Instruments?  from Chris Dickey
Worst Spark Plug ever
Religious Moron of the Week
- Pat Robertson on Haiti
Hardware Store vs. Music Store
Happy Birthday, Ms.Info
Show close


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Ms. Information says, "I'm far too verklempt right now to articulate my thanks for all your best wishes, kids. I adore all of you magnificent bastards. ... And I found the Maestro's gift at 11:30 Wednesday night when I started to process the cast. Screaming and laughing, I went next door to thank him. It's gorge and I'll have to take pictures to show you. Red leather. How can you go wrong?"

over fourteen years ago

the little whispered comments throughout the show had me rolling. When did she finally find it?

over fourteen years ago

@J.D.Mack... what about /Safe as Milk/? It\\\'s got Ry Cooder on guitar!

over fourteen years ago

What a great show.

First of all, Happy Bday again, Donna! I\\\'m so sorry I\\\'m going to be missing the fabulous debauchery. Alas, I live too far away, and work far too much. But do want pics of the couch!

Geo, I really enjoyed your answer on the \\\"Instruments\\\" question. It\\\'s so cool to hear about the details of your recording sessions and writing process and all that good stuff. Yay.

Also, best response to Pat Robertson so far. Dude. What a douchebag.

And, I love that feeling of \\\"I built that!\\\" It\\\'s why I got into instrumentation. Turns out I\\\'m not very good at it, but it\\\'s fun nevertheless. Glad yo hear I\\\'m also not the only one that puts off home projects forever and just work around it... whoops. :-)

over fourteen years ago

Hold the spark plug high as a trophy! And congrats on the plumbing success. That\\\'s always very satisfying.

And, finally, Happy Birthday, to you Donna! You rock!

J. D. Mack
over fourteen years ago


1. \\\"Lick My Decals Off Baby\\\" might be a better starting point with Captain Beefheart. It\\\'s as weird as \\\"Trout Mask Replica\\\" but somehow more accessible. Unfortunately, it\\\'s the one CB album not in print on CD.

2. When you were whispering about M.I., I thought at any moment you were going to start whispering about erasing all the Frank Zappa masters.!

Ian In BC
over fourteen years ago

Ozzy was fired, thats why its so weird that he\\\'d be able to get the Sabbath name, i think its mostly Sharon\\\'s doing... anyway if their called Heaven and Hell or Black Sabbath it still rocks! (Dio beats Ozzy anyday imo)

over fourteen years ago

Happy Birthday to Miss Info!

I\\\'m glad that you were more then satisfied with your experience at your neighborhood hardware store, and congrats on your worst spark plug award.

Great episode this week, I really enjoyed it, thanks.

Thanks for keeping me company while I finish the photography assignment that was due last week!

over fourteen years ago

i was waiting for the squeal in the background the whole episode ;) happy birthday donna. xox nice pressie george! xox

Mark A. Siefert
over fourteen years ago

I though Miss. Information put your copy of \\\"This Island Earth\\\" under lock and key after you went through your \\\"Exeter Phase\\\" back in 98.