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Jan 22, 2010

The Show Notes

Religious Moron of the Week
- Faith Comes By Hearing
Donna's Couch
Party Bartending
Interesting Fauna
- The Hairy Frog (Trichobatrachus robustus) from Marc in NJ
(fyi: The chlorophyll Sea Slug was featured on episode 116)
I have a Conan & Jay solution
Mixing, mixing, mixing...
Whites Only Basketball League
Show intro
North by Northwest & Mooooon
Talking with a Twin
Show close


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Ms. Information says, "Kids... KIDS... you have made my birthday one of the best times in my life. I love you madly and thank you so much!" Transmitted from the red couch...

Photo courtesy of Nick Englesson.

Dave Jackson
over fourteen years ago

What no pictures of the birthday girl? I hear she\\\'s hot.

over fourteen years ago

I have a better solution for the problem of how shoes look with my outfit: a stool.

over fourteen years ago

I thought Moon was a terrific film! Here\'s a wee interview with director Duncan Jones I just found if anyone is interested..

over fourteen years ago

I have to say Geo, I really like that tie knot! And you happened to coordinate your shirt with the painting in the picture, nice job!

over fourteen years ago


Now mind you, I was cuddled on a warm couch flanked by George on my left and a pile of shrimp cocktail on my right, so I would probably have enjoyed watching paint dry—but I did, in fact, like North by Northwest very much! And we\\\\\\\'ll be sure to watch the extras, as well... :)

over fourteen years ago

\\\"Moon\\\" is probably my favourite SF movie of the past few years, if not the decade. It\\\'s like a movie of an Asimov short story that Asimov never got around to writing, and it\\\'s far better than any of the unfortunate movies that\\\'ve been made of stories Asimov wrote.

In one of the end-of-the-year \\\"Top 10\\\" lists, one reviewer explained why \\\"District 9\\\" was on his list: \\\"\\\'Avatar\\\' is an amazing piece of film-making, and shows you what can happen when you give an old master twelve years and unlimited money to work with. \\\'District 9\\\' shows you what can happen when you give a new master a small budget and a couple of years.\\\" (IIRC, \\\"Avatar\\\" was *not* on the list.)

over fourteen years ago

Yes, but did Kiki LIKE \\\'North by Northwest\\\'?? The extras are great, well worth watching. :)

Contributing factors to maths anxiety - - is something I\\\'m helping research here in Australia (involving interviews with primary school students in the metro area - surprising how many people have stories about \\\'why maths makes them anxious\\\'.

over fourteen years ago

And you\\\'ll never see, say, a white baseball player grabbing his crotch, of course.

Though there\\\'s a lot of speculation that this basketball thing must be some Andy Kaufman-style prank/hoax.