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Feb 18, 2010

The Show Notes

A quite interesting chat with Milton and Bridget...


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over fourteen years ago

Milt = awesome

No arguments.

over fourteen years ago

I\\\'ve just spent nearly a week in a rather serious sulk about how brilliant this interview with Milton was and how I doubt anyone, especially not me, could possibly do as well. After just over a year of trying to haphazardly coordinate time for an interview with Milton, bloody bastard Hrab goes and scores this!

I couldn\\\'t even sodding re-listen to some parts due to the way Milton describes what his experiences were like. Damn you George, you even got Bridget\\\'s side of the story! You have any idea what that added to the experience?

Derek Colanduno told me not to take it bloody personally and that this happens in skeptic podcasting circles _all the time_ with people getting interviews that other people were hoping to get - but goddamn it - this is a COMEDY podcast! What the hell are you trying to play at, Hrab?? You going to start doing the \\\'Think Tank\\\' next, you twat? You can forget about my nagging Dr Rachie to catch up with you at NECSS 2010 and I\\\'M SO TELLING DR KAREN before the next TAM!

No, I think I\\\'ll sulk for a while longer. Bugger this for a game of soldiers, you and your sodding blasted bastard of a bloody episode #153 and your interview-nabbing excuse for \\\'free entertainment\\\'! Dingoes for the lot of you!!

To H - page 99 of \\\'Non-Coloring Book\\\'.

over fourteen years ago

Whoa. I was going to praise the interview, but after reading Podblack\'s rant I think I\'ll just ask when \"Guitarmasutra\" will be available....

over fourteen years ago

Dear h,

For what it\'s worth, I just wanted to share that, as someone who was in the room during this interview, I believe you\'ve misinterpreted the comments about the transsexual--or at least, that you\'ve attached a judgement that was not there.

Milton\'s even mentioning it at the time seemed along the same lines as if he had said the nurse had had thick glasses, or a mohawk, or any other distinguishing characteristic--certainly not as a judgement. A joke was made, but a joke would have been made about the glasses or the mohawk, too.

Anyway, I hate to think that that brief exchange ruined for you what was a heartfelt interview with a lovely couple who\'ve been through hell and back and have the emotional wherewithal to have turned it into something positive.

I\'m not even sure you\'ll see this, but I felt compelled to share my intimate perspective.

over fourteen years ago

Yes, could hear your giggle near the end, KikiLeigh! :D

George Hrab
over fourteen years ago


Good thing you\'re not really trying to complain about free entertainment. Phew!


Milton Mermikides
over fourteen years ago




over fourteen years ago

Normally I\'d think h had some point. But if someone fucks up your catheter then you can call them whatever you want.

over fourteen years ago

I\'m not even ten minutes into this episode and wow.

Wow, how about that incredibly disrespectful language in regards to the transsexual nurse? I can understand having disdain for someone who is poor at their job, but I don\'t think it was necessarily appropriate to spend so much time describing how physically unappealing this \"heshe\" was or for Geo to suggest the person was \"going for a rectal insertion\" or whatever. I doubt that nurse was trying to sexually appeal to cancer patients, and the immediate jump to assuming because the person was outside of the gender binary seemed unfair.

I understand that this podcast often jokes about off colour topics, and I\'m really not trying to complain about free entertainment. However, I do think that the way the topic was approached was about as appropriate as describing a black nurse who was equally poor at her job as \"a big buck of a nigger\". There was no nudge or wink as far as I can tell, just outright cruel mocking.

Milton Mermikides
over fourteen years ago

Listen its not that hard, it\\\'s pronounced:

Melting MildlyStonedManOnYourKidneys

No E
over fourteen years ago

Milton Murmuringcanine
_______MasaharoKitsumino spent

Milton Mermikides
over fourteen years ago

This is by far the greatest thing ever produced since the dawn of history. HURRAH!