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Mar 4, 2010

The Show Notes

Fork you
Hang in there, Alejandro
Talking to your past self
Geo’s Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics
     - What We Talkin About from The Blueprint 3
Funny or Die
So- how long ‘till the album, eh?
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Ms. Information says, "worky worky worky..."

over nine years ago

If I could go back and tell my 15 year old self something, it would be \\\"BUY GOOGLE!\\\"

over nine years ago

Hm, forgot about the \\\"what would you tell yourself\\\" question.

I think I would say \\\"don\\\'t be afraid.\\\"

Looking back on my life thus far, I think one of my greatest failings has been fear. Too much risk aversion, too much worry, too much safe-playing. I am glad for some of the benefits (never touched drugs, for instance). But I think I have let fear of possible negative consequences control too many of my decisions, and when I HAVE faced negative consequences, I think I have handled them poorly and out of proportion with reality.

George Hrab
over nine years ago

No need to re-buy entire albums again... REALLY! If you want to help- buy a tune... Just one... I do appreciate it though. You\\\'re the best...


over nine years ago

Bought Coelacanth (not again, unofortunately – simply for the first time).

Excellent album, should tide me over until Trebuchet (thanks for choosing a french word for your album title, Geo! Les acadiens vous remercient.)

over nine years ago

What would I tell myself?


Josh R.
over nine years ago

(side note: my captcha for this comment was \\\"are onerous\\\")

I lose tupperware lids like no one\\\'s business. I can never find enough of the ones that fit the bowls I use most often.

As for the pens... my wife refuses to let me throw away dead pens. I have no idea why. So the pen cup gets fuller and fuller and only two pens work -- maybe three.

Next to it is a speaking calculator that hasn\\\'t been used since my mother-in-law gave it to my wife in 2003 or so. The layer of dust on it is disturbing in its thickness.

over nine years ago

Bought non-colouring book from Lulu today. Hope that helps with trebuchet (like I could spell that before I see the album).

You know how at conventions and stuff there\\\'s always that guy who comes up to get the artists entire catalog autographed? Well If you ever get close enough to Toronto I intend to be that guy. But please bring copies of the entire catalog as so far I\\\'ve only downloaded everything. Or you could sign my cleavage.

Echoed Rippy

Kelly Lawrence
over nine years ago

Coelacanth boughtened once more! I am re-enjoying it\\\'s wonderfulositude (I can make neologisms as well!) Awaiting Trebuchet with much impatience, but I will be strong. I truly appreciate all of the work being done.

over nine years ago

Re: Changing cultural acceptance of musician\\\'s styles...oh heck yeah. Changing Moral Zeitgeist(tm) and all that. Which reminds me of a great cartoon (maybe NSFW):

The Artist\\\'s Statement elaborates nicely on the theme and hopefully alleviates any concern about the...leather.

Posty McPosterton
over nine years ago

Bought something on iTunes I already had on CD. It\\\'s my statement that I wanna hear Trebuchet!! :)


over nine years ago


My favorite snowboard gloves have that snot-wipe. I bought them back in \'01. That\'s how much I love them. Sadly, my dog chewed them up last week. He\'s a puppy, so I guess I will forgive him, but only just.

Farewell, best gloves ever.