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Mar 11, 2010

The Show Notes

James Mason Reads “Birthday”
Change Maker
Religious Morons
    - Roy Arthur Ashburn & Angelo Balducci
The Oscars
Sci-Fi Costumes
A song for Gary Lee Weinrib
Ask George
    - Balding?  from Jon Mickleburgh
    - Click track?  from Scott Reynolds
    - Funk?  from Jack Scanlan
    - Pre Orders?  from JD Mack
    - Skeptic’s friends?  from Travis Peterson
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Ms. Information says, "ka-boom! Hurt Locker and Kathryn Bigelow- hells yeah!"

Jason Smith
thirteen and a half years ago

So... do people still win prizes for being the first person to point out that you said "dingus" on a particular episode? 'Cos you said it on this one. :)

Brian \"NoE\"
almost fourteen years ago

Connery movie(s) where he still has hair:

Dr. No

From Russia with Love



You Only Live Twice

Diamonds Are Forever

Never Say Never Again


almost fourteen years ago

Gee, impersonations of one artist doing the song of another. Wonder where you got THAT idea. ;-)

Just teasing. I always said I\\\'d know that my Shatner Impersonation bit on Geek of all Trades couldn\\\'t be considered succesful til somebody copied it. :-)

Captcha Words Today: full-time wigwams

Brian \"NoE\"
almost fourteen years ago

I thought u can get money towards your next shopping trip from the coinstar thingy?

Jack\'s question was like ten cans of shaving powder... ;)

Hot Pants is one of my favorite songs of Mr. Brown\'s

i appreciated the coin puns too!

Sharon Hill
almost fourteen years ago

Oh your God! Maybe it was because I was in a good mood or had a little nip of vodka but I was falling over laughing at this episode. My husband does the coin separation thing to and makes a yearly trip to the coinstar machine. Also, I have 2 words re: the mouth v sphincter: Rick Santorum. You know what I mean.

You rock, Geo.


almost fourteen years ago

Coelacanth in stock! Thank you Geo!


almost fourteen years ago

Connery had hair when he played Richard the Lionheart.
However, if Hollywood had paid attention to history, he would have played a bald king. Of course, it\'s probably a good thing that they didn\'t, because that would have made Costner\'s Robin Hood confusing as hell.

Greg Dorais
almost fourteen years ago


The yiddish 2112 was awesome. \\\"And the meeskite shall inherit the earth.\\\"

Listening to the \\\"decimal\\\" discussion in the Coinstar story got me wondering. Have you ever done a Christopher Walken impersination? You got close there once or twice and I bet you could nail it. As Chris would say, \\\"It\\\'s crazy!\\\"

Thanks again for the podcastly awesomeness Geo, and Ms. Information too!

almost fourteen years ago

Attendees of TAM Australia are welcome to attend the jousting-match between the Young Australian Skeptics (Melbourne) vs Skeptic Zone (mostly from Sydney). :)

almost fourteen years ago

(Pause to clean up snarf fluids from 2112.)

What I was *gonna* say was, Star Wars won Oscar for best costume \'way back in the day.

Back when it was fun.

almost fourteen years ago

Hmm, would Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and Yul Brenner qualify as bald hero-actors? Granted, none of them are as cool as Sean Connery, but it\'s something.

I wonder if there\'s an equation to show how much muscle you have to gain and/or kung fu and/or trick shooting you have to master in order to compensate for being bald on screen....

almost fourteen years ago

Epithet is not necessarily negative. \\\"Richard the Lion-Heart\\\" is an epithet. But I think it applies more to things like nicknames or descriptors than titles.

What about Bruce Willis? Or Vin Diesel? Maybe you should just start jumping out of more helicopters.

almost fourteen years ago

I recently checked a 4-cd collection called Funk Box out of the local library. There\'s some great stuff on there that I had never heard. I\'ll have to look for the Rhino collection you mentioned.
Rush cover was great!

George Hrab
almost fourteen years ago

Well said Ben!

Spot on...

Hero = Hair.

Ah well...


almost fourteen years ago

You\'ll always be my hero, Geo.

Fernando Torres
almost fourteen years ago

Hey George.

Great show. I was just wondering how many people got the \\\"Top Secret\\\" reference.

I love it when I get an obscure reference, it makes me feel like we shared a private joke.


almost fourteen years ago

Just listened to #55 the other day, and Geo mentions The Untouchables and how Connery is a \"fatherly\" figure in the movie. I\'d say he\'s more of a sidekick, and therefore, according to Hollywood ideals, is allowed to be bald.

In Playing by Heart, I wouldn\'t say Connery is a hero figure. He\'s an old guy, cast in the old guy role.
In Just Cause, I\'d say that Connery, being a \"liberal law professor\", once again falls into the old guy role, and also isn\'t supposed to be playing the masculine, heroic type.
In A Good Man in Africa, Connery plays a doctor, and once again isn\'t the hero type.
In Family Business, he definitely isn\'t the hero, playing the old thief who almost ruins his grandson\'s future.
In The Presidio, Connery does kind of play a hero, but he is the part of the hero team that we dislike because he doesn\'t get along with the be-haired Mark Harmon.
From what I could find about Five Days One Summer, Connery\'s character is a cheating asshole.

almost fourteen years ago

Does \\\"The Name of the Rose\\\" counts? I mean, he wears a wig but it doesn\\\'t really covers his noggin

almost fourteen years ago

The Untouchables (1987)

almost fourteen years ago

Also, it appears...(depending on the definition of \\\"hero\\\")

Playing by Heart (1998)
Just Cause (1995)
A Good Man in Africa (1994)
Family Business (1989)
The Presidio (1988)
Five Days One Summer (1982)

And I think Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), but in all the pictures I could find Indy\\\'s Dad is wearing a hat. A hat is not a wig though. I don\\\'t know.