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Mar 31, 2010

The Show Notes

Re-installing a lamp
Technique vs. creativity
Minoishe Interroberg’s "To Make with the Good English"
     - sheer vs. shear
The History Chunk
     - March 31st
I’m aware of all the comments et cetera
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Couple who killed kids to have kids from Will Price
     - Saudi courts from Adam Blevins
     - Mike Vanderboegh from Geo
NECSS: tickets still available!
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Ms. Information says, "Upside down world!" and "I love that the Hrabbi addressed a problem I have my studio name."

almost fourteen years ago

The backwards stuff in this episode was confusing at first, but I got the hang of it. Must be because I watch Lost, I guess.

Anyway. Just wanted to comment because I recently discovered the podcast and have been trying to catch up on the old episodes. (I\\\'ve just finished #59) I also bought your albums on iTunes and they\\\'re great!

Loving the show so far,


almost fourteen years ago

The outro definitely sounds better backwards. Please leave it like that.

Ya Hozna!

morgan driscoll
almost fourteen years ago

You bastard! I almost crashed my car trying to see if the iphone had advanced to the end of an almost completed episode.

What happens when someone suggests that the podcast is normal, the same, and predictable?

Nicely played sir. Thanks!

almost fourteen years ago

Episode awesome fucking one was that!

Chris Sol
almost fourteen years ago

Worked perfectly for me - I had just listened to the SGU interview, thinking \"yeah, I bet Geo could do an awesome backwards show\". Then I plonked eps 159 and 160 on the ipod (in reverse order), started listening to 160, realised it was the wrong one and clicked \"forward\". Then I\'m near the end of some Geologic show, I think I\'ve stuffed up, I listen anyway, I get the rewind outro, and CLICK! It all falls into place.

Nice one :)

almost fourteen years ago

Help!! I am Far, Far Away and cant subscribe. My Itunes plays up so i need to maunually paste a link in to subscribe... generally something that ends in \\\"xml\\\". George doesnt seem to have such a link I can use... does anyone know what the subscribe xml link is?

Ms. Information
almost fourteen years ago


You might want to email me at and we\\\'ll sort this out.

Ms. Info

almost fourteen years ago

The first thing I did when I started playing this episode was check to see if I have hit fast forward by accident... 55 minutes left... Ok.
Well played. Great show!

almost fourteen years ago

It going to have to come out!

J. D. Mack
almost fourteen years ago


Congratulations on your 200th show!!!

J. D.

almost fourteen years ago

Yeah, congrats!

And I hear Brian Dunning just did his 159th!

(at least I think that\'s it...)

almost fourteen years ago

Geo. You need to admit the truth. You need to have the courage to heal. This episode clearly reveals memory loss. You seem to think it is due to a light falling on your head. But can you hear those strange voices in the background? Those oddly-shaped footsteps?
They indicate a different, a far more serious cause. You were abducted. By aliens. THEY erased your memory! You may not believe me now, but in the coming months, as your pregnancy develops, you WILL believe.

Sammy Jankis
almost fourteen years ago

Is it time for your shot already?

Brian \"NoE\"
almost fourteen years ago

my brain hurts...

Tom E
almost fourteen years ago

Awesome show George.

Obviosuly Memento was apparent.. was there also some Myst influence or was that just in my head?

almost fourteen years ago

Order chronological original to it recut to want me makes episode this, mindfuckery the appreciate I though even. Heh, \\\"show standard pretty\\\".

almost fourteen years ago

That was fun! You should have identity crises more often.

And not only was it just plain fun, you managed (brilliantly, I thought) to forge it into an excellent introduction to new listeners as prompted by the SGU interview: It summarizes a typical show\'s elements, it hits the key points of your personality and interests, and it hammers home the point (raised in the interview) that one should expect surprises.

Oh, and: \"Nematode War.\" I love captcha.

almost fourteen years ago

Yay! It\\\'s early!

almost fourteen years ago

What a mind fuck.

Just can\'t disappoint those Flying Novellas, can you, Geo?

almost fourteen years ago

\\\'Memento\\\'... or maybe something by David Lynch. :p