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May 30, 2007

The show notes:
Balticon, Balticon, Balticon
Sex in Podcasting / Self Labeling
A New Product from Geologic Records
Virtual Friends
Balticon Room Scheduling Adventures
Mortimer Calls in yet again (and is real surly)
My Speech to the Graduates
Religious Moron of the Week

- Mark Looy
Thanks, Everyone
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Michael and Evo's Wingin' It!, Mur Lafferty's Geek Fu Action Grip, Leann Mabry's Tag in the Seam, Jack Mangan, Tee Morris, and Phil Rossi.

And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, a question for Ask George, or want a copy of "Non-Coloring Book" for your very own? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

over eleven years ago

Warning labels are about informed consent. It's not about cotton-wooling children. It's about making sure people know what they're in for. In an environment like the internet, where there's often no context for something, you can't pick up clues like you can in real life. It's about courtesy.

No one accidentally walks into a porn store. Plenty of 10 year olds accidentally see multiple penetration hard core porn on the internet. If that's your first introduction to sex, you're going to go a little odd. Worse than the first introduction being that sex sends you to hell, I'd argue. I'm not saying your podcast is traumatic to children, my point is that it's just good sense to create new social conventions for the internet that will help keep everyone safe from mind-fucks, especially the impressionable.

over fourteen years ago

George Hrab is my fucking hero.
He\\\'s like
and he kicks howard dean\\\'s ass.

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago

Um... yeah ... they MADE me do it... THAT\\\'s it... they MADE me... BASTARDS. Taking advantage of a poor innocent soul like that... sheesh...


Thanks for listening-


fifteen and a half years ago

Yeah, I could tell that they really twisted your arm there.

fifteen and a half years ago


You are killer funny!

I completely agree with you on the labels, kids, broadcast media etcetera.

If you\\\'re going to raise your kids in a box, you better build the box. It not the responsibility of the rest of the fuckin\\\' planet.

As a parent of two, bright, inquisitive and increasingly worldly kids. I accept it as my job to make sure they not only are exposed to many different aspects of and opinions on, life. It is my job to make sure they understand, appreciate and properly compartmentalize that information.

That is why they think you are awesome, too and my daughter was so excited to call you a Mo-o-o-r-o-o-n at Balticon!

Neutrino in NJ
fifteen and a half years ago

Thank you Leann for turning me onto George and thank you George for the show. You have such a real world humor insight and oh yeah snarky. Thank you thank you thank you.

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago

I really dig the Lou Rawls Car Alarm too. That still makes me laugh during the intro. Is that ok to say?

Thanks for listening...


fifteen and a half years ago

Just finished listening. Awesome podcast as always. I wish I had a chance to say \\\"vibraphone\\\" to you at Balticon, but I was on too many panels myself. I did catch the live recording of Wingin\\\' It and, well, dude, that was just wrong what they made you do.

Chris in Tulsa
fifteen and a half years ago

I work in the basement of a law library. I am not a law librarian, student, or professor. It\\\'s a bit like being stuck on a desert island with no source of fresh water. There is plenty of undrinkable seawater, or in this case unreadable law books, all around.

Anyway, the point is although I listened to this episode with my headphones on because I have to be quiet in the basement of a law library, I still laughed out loud.

I particularly loved the commencement speech. I now know the difference between a lectern and a podium and am looking forward to correcting someone when I get the chance.

After watching you perform at Balticon, I can see why you have such a devoted following. You rock!

fifteen and a half years ago


Pardon me for a moment while I delurk...

Ahhh, much better.

This was the best cast so far. Been listening since 4 or 5 but have not given you feedback. (I really need to be comfortable and relaxed to really give good feedback, and...) Ahem, oh, anyway, I so wish I could have been at Balticon with all you crazies I listen to regularly. If there ever again is such a convergence of the pods I may need to knock over a bank to get there...

JohnBoze here, I am a man of many AKA\\\'s but I may as well mention the other primary AKA, I am Paul Maki, author of Really Big Things, a Serial. I will refrain from pimping the serial more overtly until I get a nod from you.

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago


Remember- there are many decaf brands on the market that taste as good as the real thing...

Seriously... Love the comments! Keep \\\'em coming.

You. Rock. Nuf. Said.


Leann Mabry
fifteen and a half years ago




Yea, those are nice.

\\\"Walking to car.\\\"
\\\"Getting in car.\\\"
\\\"Cranking car.\\\"
\\\"Going to drive to the store.\\\"

Yea, that\\\'s interesting.




and dude I am drinkin NOTHIN but water wait I had coffee early but yep that\\\'s it.


Leann Mabry
fifteen and a half years ago

dude, LOVED the show.
Fucking loved it.

I did tell you how I called out a dumbass when he opened up his show on Cinco de Mayo and said:

\\\"Buenos Aires!!\\\" and \\\"Arrivederci!!\\\"

And I was like..





GREAT SHOW!!! Talk to you later!!! HELSINKI!!!

Leann Mabry
fifteen and a half years ago

I haven\\\'t even made it through the first 2 minutes yet, and I am like....

Holy crap George Hrab is one badass mutha fucka.

Prepare for 57456987456890349045 comments.

geigh romans and frigates even, geigh romans who built the fucking frigates at traffic lights.

Leann Mabry
fifteen and a half years ago

Dude I am so with you on the fucking mother fucking labels on the cocksucking iTunes shit.

I think everyone should yell fire all the time, especially in adult bookstores.

and the kid thing.
oh George say it again.......oh hell yes.


Leann Mabry
fifteen and a half years ago


You just made me fall out of my chair.

You are so fucking cool!
Donna told me this was funny as hell this morning.
You rock my socks.


Julio from NY
fifteen and a half years ago

I just started listening to your show. Heard a couple of your songs (theme song for Heaven, and Brains, Body, Both) and I figured I\\\'d give your podcast a shot. Well, I\\\'m hooked. Really funny stuff. Question though, is your podcast a recording of a radio show you do on a college station (am in the middle of first run)? Just curious. I also noticed you don\\\'t have an email address or call line for listeners to send comments to... Ta ta for now

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago

Julio- My podcast is just for podcasting. I USED to do a show on regular radio, but I didn\\\'t like the limitations. (The very first test run was an archive of that show) NOW- What you\\\'re hearing is hand crafted original material SOLELY for all you fine podcast-downloading fiends out there. Enjoy.

I\\\'m working on a call line- but you\\\'re comments are appreciated here! Sweet!

Keep listening-