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Jun 24, 2010

​The Show Notes

Evan on the couch
July 3rd, Trebuchet Listening Party!
Thanks to all the podcasts
59 Seconds / Scientific Paranormal Investigation
Beyond The Lighted Stage / Toy Story 3
Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards
Leonid Rogozov from Fred Bremmer
Live Australian News Update
Zappa plays Zappa
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - The Makoeya Family from everyone
     - Phillip Joubert from Den Wilson
Confirmed: Congrats, Julia Gillard!
Check out Brent’s video
Milton’s Interview coming soon
Token Skeptic and Skepticality
Golden Ticket is SENT
Sadly, no TAM Vegas this year
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Trebuchet Listening Party
July 3rd Poster

Trebuchet Listening Party
Meetup Link at New York Society for Ethical Culture

Richard Wiseman's 59 Seconds

Ben Radford

Skepticality: Swoopy interviews Geo [also, Scott Sigler]

Token Skeptic: Milton Mermikides asks Geo the tough questions

Brent Weichsel's entry for the Ancestor video contest


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Ms. Information sez: "That would be whirlwind." and "Seriously, I DO put notes for the Maestro in his fridge."

almost fourteen years ago

It seems that dancing to one's own music would be like masturbating to one's own home made porn film in which one is masturbating. Not to imply that that is necessarily a bad thing....

almost fourteen years ago

Judging by the tweets for the last week, the physical media sold out super-fast. (Also, FedEx delivered it late to CD Baby. But it still sold out super-fast.)

Paul Maki
almost fourteen years ago

I'm confused. The first time I went to CD Baby it was download-only, this last time it was backorder-only. Was there a short time with physical media that sold out, or is the backorder still part of the first run?

Nicole D
almost fourteen years ago

oooh, 59 seconds... I keep meaning to read that. I definitely will, now you've mentioned it. Heh.

almost fourteen years ago

The segment about Richard Wiseman's book was great. As an artist, I run into a lot of people who think that I was born able to paint and draw, but It has been a long hard road, and there is still a great deal of hard work in front of me. I imagine it is the same in your profession, George. I think it comes down to what a person enjoys investing the majority of their time in doing.


almost fourteen years ago

You almost sounded like you didn't know you were doing Zoidberg...? And quite well I might add.