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Jun 30, 2010

​The Show Notes

New Australian Prime Minister
Zappa Plays Zappa and Geo talks and talks...
Interesting Fauna
     - Mexican mollies (Poecilia sphenops) from Kristin Carlsson
July 3rd Trebuchet Listening Party
SGU guest rogue
Religious Morons of the Week
     - Louisiana Lawmakers from Ted Judah
     - Patrick Brooks Wilson from Jared Congiardo
     - Pastor Johan Meiring from Andrew Freeborn
Trebuchet available even if it says it’s not
Show close


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Zappa Plays Zappa

Trebuchet Listening Party
July 3rd Poster

Trebuchet Listening Party
Meetup Link at New York Society for Ethical Culture

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe

Props on the Julia Gillard news to
Jack Scanlan of Homologous Legs


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Ms. Information sez: "Moo ahhh!"

almost fourteen years ago

Spooky (or not) coincidence - I'm a little behind on Geologic, I was just listening to #172 and imagine my surprise at the discussion of Apostrophe, having not 20 minutes earlier put that very same song as the new ring tone on my phone.

I also hope you can comment appropriately on the fact that we Australians only managed to keep our female atheist Prime Minister for a couple of months before running away frightened.

almost fourteen years ago

Okay, this has been rattling around my head since I heard about this weeks "Interesting Fauna - Mexican mollies (Poecilia sphenops).

Do you remember when mustaches were really popular in the 70's, or when CHIP's was on TV? No? Look at any Playboy magazine back then and you will see ads featuring mustachio'd he-men! Well, it's what we call in the world of mass likes-and-dislikes at any given time: a fad.

Sooooo....could it be possible that the animal (mineral or vegetable) world would work the same way? Could it at all be possible that this particular Interesting Fauna is just a bit behind the times to us and in their water-world they are just entering the mustache craze fad?

It would be interesting to see like 10 years later if instead of the mustache gaining the most attention - perhaps a beaded headband, or a torn workout top would be what gets the chicks attention.

don't know...just sayin' t's'all.

George Hrab
over fourteen years ago

Chill Rock. That comment was in the context of the story. I was trying to be... um... what do you call it... um... funny.

I would recommend however that you stop listening to the show.

Also - you should stop listening, reading, and watching ANYTHING that might have a slightly different opinion than yours.



over fourteen years ago

So I listened to every one of the geologic podcasts until episode #122 when you said, and I quote "Fuck Libertarians!". I was wondering how you feel now that Phil Plait has expressed some Libertarian tendencies?

I guess I am a little spoiled since here in Austin we have a enough Atheists who are Libertarians that we no don't have to put up with being cursed by other Atheists. In fact most of them now understand that we see our political philosphy as one based rationalism (even though there are admittedly some Libertarians who do turn it into some sort of religion. Oh well.)

So have you changed your tune on this at all or is it better for all concerned that I continue to stay clear of your podcasts and such?

Roman Hrab
over fourteen years ago

Todd Rundgren's Utopia Studios is actually right next door to the Bearsville Theater, not a mile away like everything else. It is currently occupied by the local radio station, WDST. Oh, you forgot to mention that Uma Thurman is a mile away, in Mink Hollow.

over fourteen years ago

You can relive the feeling of the Yo Mama at Bearsville solo here:

That page has a whole bunch of guitar solo clips recorded live by absolute master of guitar timbre and tone as well as everything else. I suggest you check them out. There are a bunch from the KC show I saw in early june.

over fourteen years ago

Actually, Steve said that they'd already recorded a show with a special guest "secret" rogue which would be released after TAM. I would assume that's Geo.

over fourteen years ago

I don't know of a hip-hop version of the Rite of Spring, but I do know of a sort-of big band version by the Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band -- and they did Purple Haze on the same album.

over fourteen years ago it worrying that I'm more excited about you being a Guest Rogue on the SGU that I have been about... well, anything?

Because I... am. Really.

over fourteen years ago

Interesting post-script to the first religious moron... Apparently, Hurricane Alex is making it even more difficult for any containment efforts to be successful AND is spreading the oil even further than before.
Guess all that prayer had an effect.

over fourteen years ago

When you discussed Zappa's musical concepts and innovations i immediately thought of the beginning of "One Hypnopompic Jerk". Am I mistaken?

over fourteen years ago

A double dose of Geo = best birthday week evar!

over fourteen years ago

Well, George, you've once again managed to make me look like a crazy person as I walk through my neighborhood cackling and gesturing madly as I listen to your podcast. Thank you. The crazier I be, the lesser they bother me, eh?

over fourteen years ago

I'm booking my ticket for ZPZ at the Sage in Gateshead UK for 27th July. Can't wait.

Matt Rogers
over fourteen years ago

I liked your introduction, even though I now that national pride can be a horrible thing it still makes me feel great!

Also I have to say that you need a website worthy of your podcast and music, so if your interested i would be happy to provide my services for free!

over fourteen years ago

"We're all about accuracy on this show"... like how many words you mispronounced during the 'Australian accent' part? :p
E.g: Gillard - pron. 'Gill-lerrd'.
Nice shout-out to Naontiotami! :D