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Aug 12, 2010

The Show Notes

New guitar
NZ plea
CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast
Slau and Brushes and Time
Interesting Fauna
     - Ambystoma maculatum from Alex Murdoch
Funky Schoenberg from J.D. Mack
Religious Moron of the Week
     - The Dove World Outreach Center and Terry Jones
PFA Musikfest Friday
Happy Birthday Baby Sunday
Show close


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almost fourteen years ago

I can't wait for the Chicago show! Woohoo!

almost fourteen years ago

I am so happy that Trebuchet is doing well enough to buy George a guitar. Yay!

almost fourteen years ago

Hi George:

I am also a former Ovation user. We should start a support group. I'm a bit older than you and my Ovation obsession came with listening to all those early Al DiMeola albums. He always played an Ovation and I just had to have one. So in 1979 I bought a custom Balladeer so I could play just like Al. That didn't work so well. It turns out that it also requires thousands of hours of practice to play that fast.

When I refer to my Ovation I like to say "As guitars go, it's a good snow shovel". I now play Breedlove guitars and mandolins until I can finish the instruments I'm building for myself. But I completely agree with your comments about the tone. Great necks, terrible tone.

BTW, the broken arm that I emailed you about is healing nicely. Although I think the ability to play guitar is still a month or two away. The metal plates are healing to the bone nicely but I'm still struggling with expanding my very limited range of motion. But it will come, it will come.

almost fourteen years ago

Arnold Schonberg + George Hrab = Bela Bartok(ish)

A listener
almost fourteen years ago

Completely by accident I discovered video's of you at TAM 7. I had never heard of Captain Disillusion before today but started watching all his videos.

Got me to thinking, you are as good at sound as he is at video, it would be fun to hear an episode of 'audio debunking'. I'm thinking things like milli vanili's real voices, lip synchs where the tape broke, things like that. Or Vanilla's ice's famous (bass line?) that was ripped off from (David Bowie).

It would be fun to hear, and would make a great presentation at a TAM. I've never been to one but I'm thinking I should.


Martin K
almost fourteen years ago

The Arnold Schönberg + George Hrab bit sounds über-großartig!

almost fourteen years ago

Some fairly quick googling of reviews finds most everyone raving about the DCX1E's sound and mix of features/price point. Sounds like you hit the sweet spot with this one. Just a few negative comments about humidity problems, but most didn't seem to notice anything.

Peter Sosna
almost fourteen years ago

I'm so happy you got yourself a new guitar. I never wanted to say anything for fear of being rude, but I always wondered why you played the thin body Ovation. I know Ovation necks are very nice and the thin body is very comfortable to hold and play, but they sound, well, thin. I used to have a balladeer with a thick body. It sounded great, but it was hard to play sitting down.
When I was shopping for my first good acoustic guitar I almost bought a Martin, but then I fell in love with a Guild D50. I wish I still had the thing; I had to sell it during hard times. I saw that very guitar at a music store a number of years ago. Most of the guitars in the store were hanging on the walls so you could grab them and play them. My old guitar was locked in a glass case!
Enjoy your new Martin, you deserve it.

almost fourteen years ago

Musikfest here we cooooooome! AmericaPLATZ. I just love saying that.

George Hrab
almost fourteen years ago

Here it is Dave- Sorry, it was on guitar lessons dot com.


Dave Bauer
almost fourteen years ago

Got a link to the guitar video? I went to and didn't see anything likely.

Jason Smith
almost fourteen years ago


I'm so happy that you actually had a positive experience at a music store. But... could this mean the end is nigh?