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Aug 26, 2010

The Show Notes

Forgot to mention...
Horror Scopes
Ask George
     - Selling Out? from Rick T.
Atlanta Star Party
What’s with vibraphone again?
Religious Morons of the Week
     - "Ground Zero" "Mosque" "People"
Secular Calendar
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards
     - Polish dude shot in the head
     - Ashley Murray
Happy 2nd Anniversary Skeptic Zone!
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Atlanta Star Party

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Ms. Information sez "Speaking of an intern chained to a chair... can we discuss this, Maestro?"



almost fourteen years ago

Je suis assez impressionnée par ton français George, Bravo !!! It is soooo cute to hear anglos talk french you have no idea. But next time give this frenchie a shout if you want to translate something...Cheers !!

George Hrab
almost fourteen years ago


My point was that you can TRY and sell out, but there is NO guarantee that it will work. NO ONE KNOWS the formula for musical success, and though, yes, bands can change their sound to approximate what they think the market wants- that DOESN'T WORK waaaay more frequently than it DOES WORK. And the reason it DOES work often has LITTLE to do with the band.

My definition of "selling out" is akin to "cashing in", and from all that I have observed in this silly industry- you can't decide to MAKE it happen.

I think what you're talking about is "compromising artistic principles" which happens all the time, but is subtly different.

Kewl. Thanks for listening!


almost fourteen years ago

I fear that you have made one of what I believe are the classic mistakes about music.

The term "selling out" refers not to becoming popular, or even signing to a major label (though that can be a cause), but to altering ones artistic style for non-artistic reasons (most commonly, to become more accessible in the hopes of making more money).

This often happens when an artist/band signs to a major label and is then required to modify their style to appeal to a specific demographic (signing to a major label does not automatically equal "selling out", see Sonic Youth). It's not about licensing an existing song for a commercial.

The original questioner said that if his favorite band, the "Blue Oyster Cult" suddenly became popular he'd be happy for them; but I wonder if he'd feel the same if they achieved said popularity by way of becoming a poppy dance band.

There is ABSOLUTELY such thing as "selling out", it just has nothing to do with popularity or making money.

almost fourteen years ago

super awesome show as we have come to expect from the maestro. Tough subject with the ground zero stuff. Rights -vs- media hyped public acceptance. As a Vet of Desert Storm and a solid backer of all our fighting men and women worldwide I might feel a small but of "how dare they" but we DO fight for the right of people to be FREE. I think a majority of this outrage is media fueled. If any other group had bought this property and wanted to build a church/community center for it's religion/community this outrage wouldnt be.
just my 2 cents worth.

Best part of the show was MsInfo highjacking the show. that was super sweet!
I vote for more Ms Info on the show. :D

almost fourteen years ago

Awesome link Podblack, thanks you should see what is around the Main Aztec Temple in Mexico City

almost fourteen years ago

Only a sell-out would say that it's impossible to sell-out! I smell a conspiracy!!!

Also, w00t for two mentions on the show!

almost fourteen years ago

I'll define "appropriateness."

When the Christian racist fuckfaces running the GOP and Fox News and the Tea Party tear down their anti-American fucking churches and disband their anti-American fucking media empires and abandon their anti-American fucking political action committees, then it will still not be appropriate for them to point their fingers at Muslims and attempt to deny them their Constitutional rights on the grounds that they might not have American values.

But if they did all that, then I'd be more concerned about the "appropriateness" of describing those racist fuckfaces with the word "fuck" all that time, and maybe I'd stop doing it.

(Hmm. Guess I'm still a dick.)

Darren Landrum
almost fourteen years ago

A friend with whom I disagree on this topic made the argument that because the Burlington Coat Factory building was also damaged in the attack on 9/11, it is therefore included as part of Ground Zero. Well, I said I disagree with him in this issue, but I thought I'd throw this argument out there.

almost fourteen years ago

You better tell the mosque's planners that it's not a mosque, 'cause they've been calling it a mosque.

almost fourteen years ago

"I wonder if someone argued if it was appropriate to build a KFC 50 yards away from the Sphinx of Giza."
Actually, Prof Bruce M. Hood's blog linked to this:
Define 'appropriateness'?

almost fourteen years ago

...I'm now wondering if the Marx cassette in your mailbox is in any way comparable to putting the entire album in your podcast feed?
[Not that it's 'that easy', clearly - having read of J.C Hutchins efforts with his novels and podcasting] :/

almost fourteen years ago

8 years of French paid off! I understood the bit at the end!

Also, re: the "Several Blocks Away Community Centre That Will Have A Small Mosque In It". I have a single question for them. How far away is far enough? Pretty far? Really far? Can't-get-there-by-car far? Uber-far?

almost fourteen years ago

I wonder if someone argued if it was appropriate to build a KFC 50 yards away from the Sphinx of Giza.