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Sep 1, 2010

The Show Notes

Rush / PFA / Allentown Fair
Dragon*Con / Starfish / Chicago
Special Miss Walker’s 3rd Grade Edition Ask George
     - Singing? from Ronda
     - Another dog? from Tylor
     - Egypt? from Mical
     - Favorite song? from Jacob
     - Age? from Maggie
     - Musician? from Tristian
     - Grown Up? from Maggie T.
     - Star Wars? from Kody
     - Dirt Bike? from Philip
Short show, sorry!
Show close


Mentioned in the Show
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Atlanta Star Party

Saturday: hosting Parsec Awards 4-7 pm
Saturday: Geologic Live 10 pm

Friday, September 10th
The Star Bar at Starfish Brasserie
8 to 11 pm
[Chef Kristofor Sandholm on twitter]

Saturday, September 11th
Chicago meetup
8 pm
Galway Arms
2442 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657

Bun Lai
Miya's Sushi


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Ms. Information sez "If you're going to the Con, I'll see you at the corner of Peachtree and Peachtree!"


almost fourteen years ago


I'm sitting in a bar at Schiphol, and you've just talked about getting another dog, while the dog who was waiting at arrivals earlier was walking out with her human. Get another dog. S/he will not be Oscar, but you will live hir in just as much. My dog, Monty, died fifteen years ago, and the pain is still raw enough that I cried like a baby to Small Comfort. But since then, Putney, Phoebe and Genke have entered my life and I would be less for not knowing them. Get a dog.

Cheers. Love your work.

a listener
almost fourteen years ago

Vibes. Are there female tenors? I thought there were, and I thought the testbook example was "On Top of the World", which I thought was by Loretta Lynn, but turns out is by Karen Carpenter. Wikipedia says she is a contralto and there is nothing lower.

There's also that song that goes "Daddy Sang Bass, momma sang tenor, and me and little Jimmy would join right in" but that doesn't help either.

I find deep but distinctly female voices hot, if you have any audio I'd like to hear it...

Mark Salter
almost fourteen years ago

LOVE the Special Miss Walker’s 3rd Grade Edition Ask George!

almost fourteen years ago

Thank you for getting it back up.

almost fourteen years ago

Sing "God is not Great" in Egypt!

almost fourteen years ago

Great show as always. Loved the comparison of performing on stage to that excitement you get when preparing to whoosh down a snowbound slope.

I've performed for a few years in a comedy show and love being on stage. I'm fairly shy in real life but on stage I'm nearly always full of confidence and feel like nothing could happen on or off stage that I couldn't deal with.

One year I was rehearsing a very complicated sketch with another guy. It involved lots of fast, one word questions and answers. We both memorised the words carefully as it was the kind of sketch you couldn't rescue by making up or skipping a line or two. If one of us went wrong we'd be screwed.

On the night of the first show, the guy who was to perform the sketch with me had a car accident (he was ok thankfully) and couldn't make it to the performance. Rather than drop the sketch the director suggested I that I could do it with the member of the band who wrote it. We practised a little back stage and couldn't get through the sketch. I was told off several times for laughing too much when we went wrong (a nervous reaction on my part.)

The show started and, eventually, we arrived at the sketch in question. I sauntered out onto the stage not knowing what would happen. Once I was in position I looked at the band. The bass player, who seemed to have just realised it was our sketch, slowly removed his guitar, slipped on a flat cap and joined me.

We did the sketch at a slow but steady pace and were soon getting big laughs after nearly every line. When we successfully reached the end (the audience had no idea about the last minute replacement) people were cheering. That was probably the best experience I've ever had on stage.