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Jun 27, 2007

The Show Notes

The Geologic Podcast Mission Statement
Kids Music Lecture
Types of Instruments
Ukrainian Alpenhorn
Death Kazoo
To Make with the Good English with Minoishe Interroberg

- apprise vs. appraise
- him / her / he / she
F'ing Bear Gryls
Religious Moron of the Week
- Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  (UCKG)
Michael York reads something interesting
Thansk [sic]
Public Words Reading with J.R. Blackwell and Jared Axelrod
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Public Words Project, Bindlestiff Books, J.R. Blackwell's photos.

And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

Comments, anyone?

Tee Morris
almost seventeen years ago

Concerning Mike Lee\\\'s comments on really DUMB wedding songs...

Probably the best one I heard was from Meat Loaf in concert. He said he was meeting and greeting people at a function, and a couple came up to him and said \\\"We just wanted to let you know how much we love your work. In fact, our favorite song of yours was our wedding song.\\\"

The song was -- wait for it -- \\\"Two Out of Three Ain\\\'t Bad.\\\" of many reasons why you should always check the lyrics. Rank that story right up there to when President Reagan said \\\"Born in the U.S.A.\\\" was the \\\"modern\\\" national anthem of the United States...

\\\"Ummm, Mr. President, I think you need to review the lyrics of Mr. Springsteen\\\'s little diddy.\\\"

eye glasses
over fifteen years ago

eye glasses
eye wear

over fifteen years ago


almost seventeen years ago

OK, I gotta ask,

Who exactly are you humping, Leann?

Wait! Don\\\'t answer, I\\\'ll just imagine someone (not me, Definitely not me.... OK, me) for you to hump.

Yes, I\\\'ll Just imagine Leann Humping my leg like Princess Leia on Luke in the original Star Wars poster.

Mike Lee
almost seventeen years ago

fyi, on an older show note, I actually heard over the radio somebody request Clapton\'s \"You Look Lovely Tonight\" for his fiancee. In truth, I have less a prob with it than I do with the old Sinatra stand-by, Mack the Knife. Glamorizing mafia bullshit, which has yet to be something we\'ve matured out of. As Hitchens says, we\'re less than a hair\'s breadth from being chimps, and our religions(and if I might paraphrase, our entertainment) bear it out.

Would like to know what the Hrab-ster thinks of Germany not allowing Tom Cruise to film due to his Scientologist membership. While I dislike the business cult that Hubbard created, I can\'t help but think this is overkill.

Tee Morris
almost seventeen years ago

So...don\\\'t hold back, Hrab, what do you REALLY think of my boy, Bear?!


Fantastic show as always, and please give my best to Michael York. I thought he was absolutely brilliant in his reading of Leann\\\'s comments. Just capital. Smashing, I say.

Talk to you later, my friend! And as a quick tease -- Man Vs Child 2 is in production!

Leann 2.0 is everywhere
almost seventeen years ago





here is your comment

I FUCKING love you.

stupid fucking keyboards

YOU kept me sane while packing...while MANY weiner dogs were running around me....

yes yesyesyes

I am sorry I couldn\\\'t do the play by play
stupid Leann comments


I fucking LOVE you.

Do you HEAR me?

you get \\\"IT\\\"

YOU get \\\"it\\\"

stupid idiophones and metaliphones

they DO NOT translate into Urkranian, Slovakian Irish midgets....

no *I* do NOT hate George Hrab



I am calling you

holy hell

holy hell
love love love love

JS Darwen
almost seventeen years ago

Geo, I agree with you about Bear Grylls. If there\\\'s a gully, a river, any kind of gap, he has to leap across it theatrically. I used to do that when I was about 7. I\\\'m sure he likes rolling down grassy hills, shouting \\\"WHEEEEEEEEE!\\\"

He was described in one of our TV Guides in Britain as \\\"the world\\\'s first post-apocalyptic heart-throb\\\". Personally I think he\\\'s a bit of a tit.

Julio from NY
almost seventeen years ago

ooooh you got some podcasters mad at you (listen to ADD Cast #41) Is there gonna be a subscribe-to-listen geekfight anytime soon? LOL

almost seventeen years ago

Hey, This show continues to impress. Always trying new things, with a healthy dose of ongoing bits. Not all of it works, but the fact that you continue to stretch yourself with new material rather than just coast on stuff you know already works, really keeps this show exciting. Always happy when a new episode shows up.


George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago


Duh.Of course...

Thanks Carrie. Have you ever seen the film Stalag 17? It\\\'s sorta VERY VERY sorta barely loosely not really but kinda the inspiration for Hogan\\\'s Heroes. GREAT FILM. Anyway...