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Sep 12, 2007

The Show Notes:

"Best Of" show coming up later this week

- meeting Soccergirl
- geology talk
- accents at the party
Gay or Southern?
Non-Coloring Book now online
Watching a walrus orgy
300 Pounds
Geo's Mom Reads JayZ Lyrics
- Friend or Foe '98
Ask George
- Life... worth dying for? from Icepick
The Adventures of The Pretentious Percussionist
Religious Moron of the Week
- Judy Ulch
Wingin' It 3D; Podcast 411; Soccergirl, Incorporated; The Adult Space Child Free Podcast; and Beatnik Turtle
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Slau Halatyn; Soccergirl, Incorporated; podCast411; Wingin' It 3D; The Adult Space Child Free Podcast; and Beatnik Turtle.

And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

Non-Coloring Book is now online at Lulu and available for purchase as both print and download.

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almost seventeen years ago


Didn\\\'t even get through the whole \\\'cast yet. Wet myself and have to go clean up after listening to \\\"Gay or Southern\\\". Funny shit. Seriously.

almost seventeen years ago

Hey, Geo, Tell your mom the Fans say Hi!

Brian Brown
almost seventeen years ago

AHAHAH! \\\"Pick a fold and fuck it!\\\"


George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago


Thanks for all of the comments... seriously... You have no idea what all of these mean to me. For as crusty a bastard as I am, these kind words all just make me want to suckle puppies. Truly. I feel like I\\\'m on a NEW STREAK and I\\\'m psyched that all of you are coming along for the ride.




yours in christ,


almost seventeen years ago

1) I live in Seattle.
2) I own a djembe.
3) I have taken djembe lesson in Seattle.
Conclusion...I have met the Pretentious Percussionist. This sketch plus Gay or Southern are the funniest things I heard you do yet.

almost seventeen years ago

Not saying that the psychics aren\\\'t full of it, but, apparently, a clean-shaven corpse can get 5 o\\\'clock shadow.

Something about your skin contracting due to dehydration, which can make the hair under the skin poke out.

I found a couple resources online to try to confirm this fer sure, but they\\\'re both unverified (re: an episode of CSI: Vegas, and a Wikipedia stub).

In other news, since I\\\'m one of those rare few who got a copy of NCB first printing, I wrote up a review on Lulu. Hope you like.

almost seventeen years ago

So that\\\'s why Soccergirl wore a b3 tee in her latest video podcast.

Talk about critical mass of creative minds.

Dave Jackson
almost seventeen years ago

I want to invent an awards show so I can vote you Most creative fucker on the planet.

Dave Jackson

Chris in Tulsa
almost seventeen years ago

Awesome episode. I nominate Catholic League President Bill Donohue for your next Religous Moron of the Week. He called Kathy Griffin\\\'s Emmy acceptance speech a hate speech.

Oh, and I made a comment what a great show this is on DailyKos

so you may get some traffic coming from that site.

almost seventeen years ago

Great show man, I love the addition of the real felmale voices in your skit it was a nice touch.

I just got off of Soccer Girl\\\'s set, wow b3 for sure. You\\\'re my hero for not just standing there and saying... *drool* you be prudy me likey *drool* anyone who wants to know what I mean visit her images section on

almost seventeen years ago

correction for above, Soccer Girl\\\'s site - not Soccer Girl\\\'s set

almost seventeen years ago

It was nice to not actually meet you at D*C. Although I usually get at least a phone number (or a $20) from guys who carry me off. Good sport there, hope you didn\\\'t pull/throw/otherwise injure yourself.

Good job on the Joe song. I miss him so much and it was nice to take a moment in all that chaos to remember a good friend while in the company of other good friends.

Debbie - who forgot to mention vibraphone.

almost seventeen years ago

Oooohhh weee, Geo\\\'s got a girlfriend (hehehe:-)