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Sep 26, 2007

The Show Notes:

NEW Intro (oooh!)
Ordering noodles at Sogo with Ms. Information
Religious Moron of the Week

- Church of God Choir, from Springfield, Ohio
manganese is...
Future Geo interrupts
manganese is Mn not Mg
- morals- Maria from Flickr
- Stephen Fry, childhood books,
  fundamentalism- Marvin from Austin, Texas
Occasional Songs for the Periodic Table
- Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, Americium,
  Curium, Berkelium, Californium, Einsteinium
Mortimer calls yet again, once more
Skepticality Interview
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Geo's Skepticality interview; the story of the Faithful Elephants; and Soccergirl, Incorporated.

And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

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fifteen and a half years ago

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Deadsquirrel Ledoux
almost seventeen years ago

I\\\'ve got it!!

The Sparks, right?~?~?~!!!

Love the show, but need to get used to the new intro. Vibraphone!

I friend of mine wants me to watch the new season of \\\"Ghost Fuckers\\\" because her friend, the actress was hired over the summer. Yup. Actress. She didn\\\'t get why I was laughing so hard.

Keep up the good skeptical work and I\\\'ll keep buying all your albums.


Doug in Alaska
almost seventeen years ago

DAAAAMN Mortimer, lay the fuck off you possesive old fart!

mighty favog
almost seventeen years ago

I give up on the song. Back then, if it wasn\\\'t on the radio I didn\\\'t hear it. But as to the sneezing thing, I always say \\\"fahrfergnugen .\\\" Every once in a while I run into someone who remembers the old VW ad and will laugh.

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago



Nicely done. Please e-mail me at geo@geologicrecords[dot]net for your prize.

If you folks have never heard of Klaus Nomi- HE\\\'S A FREAKIN\\\' TRIP. Google, and enjoy.

Nicely done sir-


almost seventeen years ago

I was thinking of Gary Numan and Thomas Dolby, but that just wasn\\\'t right. I even had to pull up some samples of Morrissey because I just couldn\\\'t think of who it was. Saying East Village was a bit too much information, actually, and I\\\'m pretty sure it\\\'s space opera man Klaus after a couple re-listens.

Kris M
almost seventeen years ago

Another great show Geo,

I fear I\'m a bit late in posting this, it actually relates to show #32. In response to David\'s sneeze query- Gesundheit is safe for those of us of a non-religious bent, it translates to \"good health\" and has no religious connotations. Of course, Manganese works just as well.

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago

Oooh you guys are close, and yet not even close at all.

East Village.

80s... but just barely...more like late late late 70s.

Oops. I\\\'ve said too much.


almost seventeen years ago

Good show so far, Geo.
The massacre of \\\"God Bless America\\\" has driven me to pause my Creative Zen Vision W for a few minutes, before I hurl it against the wall in a fit of pique because of those morons.

It\\\'s bad writing, it\\\'s annoying self-importance, and it\\\'s just moronic in general. Hats off to you for giving them the verbal thrashing they need. Maybe someone will email them a link to this episode.

(Note: It\\\'s not that I like the original song so much, either. It\\\'s that these jerks took their cult-minded agenda, injected it tenfold into a song that already promoted their god, and did it badly.)

A few more minutes of silence will calm me down enough to finish listening to the bit.

almost seventeen years ago

Feeling better now. You should probably note that if folks are going to abbreviate Manganese, to make sure you don\\\'t say \\\"Mn\\\" after someone else says \\\"God bless you,\\\" because the combination of letters sounds so much like \\\"Amen,\\\" and you don\\\'t want to accidentally validate them.

almost seventeen years ago

Klaus Nomi

mighty favog
almost seventeen years ago

I\\\'m also thinking of The Residents...The Commercial Album, with 60 one minute songs, not unlike the Songs For The Periodic Table.

mighty favog
almost seventeen years ago

Oh! Oh! Is it Einstein on the Beach? The Philip Glass/Robert Wilson opera? But that was from the 70s and wasn\'t all that obscure...hmmm...

mighty favog
almost seventeen years ago

CarrieP (is that pronounced \\\"Careep?):Actually I paid little attention to anything that wasn\\\'t on the radio in the 80s...I only know about the Residents because I actually have that album, bought in a second hand store on a whim. I tried Googling for an answer and all I came up with was Jake Einstein, who wasn\\\'t a singer or musician, but I just like saying \\\"Jake Einstein,\\\" it\\\'s kind of like saying \\\"Brian Hitler.\\\" I was going to offer a prize to anyone who knows who the Mighty Favog is but with Google it\\\'s too easy.

almost seventeen years ago

hmm my guess on Einsteinium is either DEVO or Yahoo Serious, the \\\'star\\\' from Young Einstein...wonder what he\\\'s doing now?

oh and what\\\'s with the homophobia, Mortimer?

mighty favog
almost seventeen years ago it Tiny Tim?

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago

Sorry... close but no dingus.

Think early, (way early), obscure 80s.


oooh... either this is a tough one, or my homage BLOWS. Probably the latter...



mighty favog
almost seventeen years ago

Um....Jake Einstein?

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago

Oh it\\\'s just never enough for you people...


Yes- I just didn\\\'t get to it. Probably somethin\\\' new, for the end next week.


Thanks for listening-


almost seventeen years ago

Great show! Thanks so much for answering my e-mail---what a hoot! Now of course I can\\\'t resist the urge to comment back a little bit.

* The reason I suspect that strange women with high IQs aren\\\'t dropping at your feet and offering you oral sex as you walk down the street is because, if they were, you wouldn\\\'t complain about having difficulty chatting up the girls at your live gigs. Just a hunch.

Buy maybe I\\\'m wrong. Maybe your schlong is so meshuge rizik that getting serviced as you walk the streets is no problem. Maybe the only problem is getting taken care of during intermission at a gig where you\\\'ve been forced to moderate your \\\"output\\\" because of the wee bairns in the audience. If that\\\'s the case, then it\\\'s a nice problem to have and I hate you for complaining about it, so there. (And, um, what do you eat before going out in the streets? Oysters? Garlic?)

** I just had a look at your blog on The Faithful Elephants...Jeebus H. Fuck that\\\'s sad. But being told the truth? Priceless.

*** Nice comments on the whole fundamentalist vs. moderate thing. (Warning: huge generalizations ahead.) I agree that the theological beliefs of the moderates are no less wacky on paper than those of the fundamentalists, but I suppose I want to acknowledge a difference I perceive in attitude. I\\\'ve known (and grew up among) lots of moderates, and it does seem to me that when they exhibit tolerance and pluralistic values they\\\'re incorporating a certain amount of doubt into their faith.

This is different, though, from another kind of postmodern-ish or Gouldian \\\"NOMA\\\"-ish moderation which insists that nothing can be known or that all claims are equally valid. (The whole \\\"non-overlapping magesteria\\\" thing really pissed me off -- it\\\'s just a condescending insistence that one isn\\\'t allowed to THINK about religion and draw a conclusion. Fuck you, Gould! Except for all the good work you did. Sorry. But on NOMA? Fuck you!)

I\\\'m sorry, I got carried

Brian Brown
almost seventeen years ago

Great show Geo!

So now that you have a new intro, are you going to make a new outro?

Great to hear Mortimer again.