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Oct 3, 2007

The Show Notes:

The wisdom of Paula White
Weekend funk report
Interesting Fauna

- Darwinulidae
  thanks to Bob Rumes
Geo uses the plugin to call last week
Religious Moron of the Week:
- Maputo Archbishop Francisco Chimoio
  thanks to Jerry Hedden, Lowell Vaughn,
  JP Cappiello, TK, & Robert Marsh
Ask George 
- 99.9% atheist?
  from Joey Halatyn
Geologic Mysticalle Faerie Tale Storiey Thyme
Interrupted by an important call
Rescue Annies' album gives thanks
Geo's Mom Reads Jay-Z Lyrics
- Public Service Announcement (Interlude)
  from "The Black Album"
Klaus Nomi kicks ass
Show Close (sorta)


Mentioned in the show: The Rescue Annies, Klaus Nomi performs Total Eclipse, and The Ukrainian Museum in Manhattan.

And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and now you can write to Geo's Mom, too!

Non-Coloring Book is now online at Lulu and available for purchase as both print and download.

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Rel Morons: Marriage does not prevent AIDS. If either partner strays to adultery, both partners may be infected. Also, coitus isn\\\'t the exclusive transmittal method. Just wanted to open your eyes a little wider...

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almost seventeen years ago that Television i hear in the first segment, or am i way off?

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago

It\\\'s all ME my friend. Although, I LOVE Talking Heads, which had Jerry Harrison as a member, who I think played on a Televeision album. So... there you go.

Good ears.


George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago


Yes. Nice. Italian recipies in Ukrainian. Groundbreaking podcasting.THE FUTURE IS NOW.


Agnostic / Atheist stuff. Argh... Semantics make for fun times, yes?

Richard again-

Yes we ARE the same person. Or people. Or persons. Or... wait... which one is soccergirl again?


You guys are the BEST.



George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago


it\\\'s a


sorry... had to add that.


Brian Brown
almost seventeen years ago

So if Geo and Soccergirl are the same person does that mean that Geo really does have brains, body, both for EVERYONE!

Wow. He is everything to everyone.

almost seventeen years ago

The atheist / agnostic argument bugs me.

With gnostic meaning (among other things) \\\\\\\"possessing knowledge, esp. esoteric knowledge of spiritual matters\\\\\\\" and theism meaning roughly \\\\\\\"Belief in the existence of a god or gods\\\\\\\" according to

The old standby is that agnostic is about doubt, and that atheist is about certainty, but that\\\\\\\'s bogus in my books. An atheist IS agnostic, but an agnostic might not be an atheist.

As an atheist, I admit that I have no knowledge of the supernatural. I do not believe in a god, and especially not a personal god that watches me while I mastu... sleep... while I SLEEP. I have no knowledge of the spirit realm, likely due to its non-existence, and while that makes me agnostic, it\\\\\\\'s not the right word.

Agnostics can still quest for god; they can still care to find a personal god; they can STRIVE to find god, and remain agnostic. That\\\\\\\'s where atheists differ; we\\\\\\\'ve chosen to stop looking due to lack of evidence and due to a lack logical arguments for god.

Don\\\\\\\'t even mention Pascal; that wager\\\\\\\'s so bogus.

almost seventeen years ago

SHIT. I figured it out. It\\\'s not that you\\\'re stalking Soccergirl or anything... it\\\'s that you and Soccergirl ARE THE SAME PERSON.

It makes perfect sense.

mighty favog
almost seventeen years ago

I like the way Rebecca Watson said it best: \\\"philosophical agnostic, practical atheist.\\\" Given that that 1% doubt will never be realized as anything concrete, least of all as the god you don\\\'t believe in, there is no difference in daily life between 99% and 100%.

Ken... Just Ken
almost seventeen years ago

Great to hear that you and Soccer Girl are mutually stalking each other. I\'ve been following (not stalking) you since I first heard you on Skepticality, and listening to Soccer Girl Inc. since you mentioned her podcast.

Great fun.