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Oct 17, 2007

The Show Notes:

And You and I
Pseudo Oktoberfest
Polkas and Poop
Interesting Fauna

- Kiwi Hirsuta or Yeti Crab
Ask George
- dealing with grief
Religious Moron of the Week
- Rev. Gary Aldridge
- Red Bagani
Bottle cap contests and movie theater promos
Slau's going to perform
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Kiwi Hirsuta, Reverend Aldridge at the Smoking Gun, Red Bagani and his amazing chi (Viewer beware), Slau's performance in Manhattan at the Lighthouse and Slau's site.

And as always: visit the sites in the Geologic Universe. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and now you can write to Geo's Mom, too!

Go buy some things! Get George's music at CD Baby and iTunes, and Non-Coloring Book at Lulu, both as download and print edition.

over fourteen years ago

Lovey "rant" on the beauty & unfairness of life.

Raygun Robyn
almost fifteen years ago

So I\\\'m pretty sure I totally fucked up what I was working on while I was listening to yer poop N\\\' scoot story, as I was trying really hard to contain my laughter. I\\\'m also sure that my coworkers think I\\\'m a weirdo. I was also wondering if you know where I can get some WoW gold or some power leveling. RR

almost seventeen years ago

That Red Bagani video is amazing; I mean, of the THOUSANDS of times that he says he\\\'s done this, what are the odds that the ONE time there are video cameras on site, it screws up. I think that chi is camera shy.

sixteen and a half years ago

Mr Hrab, you are one sick man! Filling almost half of your podcast talking about shitting your pants, and in the same time keeping it not boring and rather umm... elevated.
Indeed, a sick man. And that\\\'s why I love your podcast!

BTW, keep on singing...

sixteen and a half years ago

Sans skivvies is called \\\'going Commando\\\'...or \\\'Freeballin\\\'

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago


I guess you missed the first 8 minutes of the show...


Thanks for listening-

and for that matter- M\\\'Bweke everyone- M\\\'Bweke.


almost seventeen years ago

Alrighty bad. I thought the intro sounded suspiciously Yes-ish, or is it Yes-esque, or perhaps it sounded Yes-sy? Oh well, no matter. I\\\'m glad that\\\'s cleared up. Anyway...awesome job on the tune, Geo. Looking forward to the next show...Peace. Stan.

Brian Brown
almost seventeen years ago

HAHAHA! So here I am listening to Geo describe his need to defecate and all of the sudden my bowels go \\\"AHEM! That sounds like a great idea! YOU NEED TO GO NOW!\\\"

Thanks a lot Geo! Man... Who would have guessed the power of bowel\\\'s inner voice on the rest of us.

almost seventeen years ago

Ms. Information

It\\\'s yours, if you want it.

I wouldn\\\'t mind it on a T-shirt. A headshot of Geo and underneath, \\\"Gross, yet somehow endearing.\\\" HA HA HA

Paul Maki
almost seventeen years ago

I mostly was just driving and shouting \\\"No!\\\" in the general direction of my iPod. I did have slight bowel gurglage but no direct effect as Mr. Brown claims. Mostly just the shouting and quick sips of coffee (so I wouldn\\\'t have brown sprayage from my nose at any point.

Indeed an epic poo tale...

Paul Maki
almost seventeen years ago


Oops, sorry. Nearly imperiled your entire existence by going parenthetical then forgetting closure...

almost seventeen years ago

Gross! ...and yet, somehow endearing. Was this fulfilling some kind of deal you made with soccergirl? She tells the pee-on-a-kid story and you tell the I-crapped-my-pants story?

Ms. Information
almost seventeen years ago

Icepick- I wonder if we here at Geologic HQ could somehow work your first sentence into our promotional materials.

Nobody N Particular
almost seventeen years ago

I recognized your cover one of my favorite songs. I enjoyed it very much. I was expecting you to provide at least an attribution mention to the group YES. More information than you may ever want on the progressive rock band YES is available and their official site .

almost seventeen years ago

Totally empathize with the poo story. Reminds me of being a kid and hanging out with the cousins trying to crack each other up with crazy stories, BUT: hasn\\\'t everybody suffered that at some point? It\\\'s even worse when you\\\'re in a busy meeting the job....

Aside from that...

Mmm, lederhosen.

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago


Sorry... t\\\'was YES indeed. I figured everybody knows that.

I WISH I could have written that.

Could George have written that?





Nicely done C. Which album do you want? Maybe I can send you a Talking Heads CD...

Thanks everyone- this was a fun (albeit exhausting) one to do.

REMEMBER- You can\\\'t spell HUGE POO with out:


Steve Andrew
almost seventeen years ago

Geo - next time you come to make a new show intro, maybe around show 64, you have to work \\\"YOU HAVE TO SHIT NOW\\\" into it somehow. I almost spat blackcurrant juice over my monitor when I heard it, and that\\\'s not a euphemism.

almost seventeen years ago

The song George sang at the beginning is \\\"And You and I\\\" by Yes.

Good job, G.

Oh - Paul Lynde doing the macarena - priceless!!!

Ms. Information
almost seventeen years ago

Carrie- Re: the bookend observation- nicely put.

And the cast, much like life and this random universe, is indeed tragicomic.

almost seventeen years ago

The intro song to this weeks show...AWESOME! So...does this mean an end to your writers\\\' block that I remember you mentioning awhile back? I must say that it is quite inspirational to me, for I\\\'ve been experiencing the worst writers\\\' block of my life for the past 2 years or so. Very excellent, my friend!

almost seventeen years ago

Dingus alert!! Dingus alert!!

Ms. Information
almost seventeen years ago

Re: the Driving Incident-
Clearly, I need to have a bit more coffee before I review the Maestro\'s podcast prior to upload.