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Oct 24, 2007

The Show Notes:

CVS celebrity with Poison Ivy
Slau's show
Amazing music last Friday
So... Where Ya Calling from? with Uncle Thaddeus 

- Hösen-Hösen, Germany
Grandma's Entertainment Report
- Sarah Jessica Parker
- Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci
- A&E and Swayze and Bratt
Religious Moron of the Week
- Monsignor Tommaso Stenico  from Bill Segulin
Ask George 
- SETI  from David Hunt
- X-MAS?  from Bill M.
Tired, confused ... better call the future
Geo calls Mortimer
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Slau's site and The Weight of Words at Amazon; Soccergirl, Incorporated.

And as always: visit the sites in the Geologic Universe. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and now you can write to Geo's Mom, too!

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over fourteen years ago

This is the scariest podcast of Geologic because for one brief moment I fell in love with Mortimer.

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George Hrab
sixteen and a half years ago

Oh CarrieP... you\\\'re so damn accommodating.

Kids it\\\'s been crazy crazy... And I love each and every one of ya for your comments. Except of course for Mr. Elipses who is a chickenshit sack of my ball sweat.

Thanks to all who dug this show...

AND it\\\'s all TOTALLY REAL.

Except for the FAKE parts.

And even those are somewhat...


More to come.


sixteen and a half years ago

Wow. I didn\\\'t think it were possible to get so drunk as to literally not be able to see street. How I\\\'m tuing thing I hactually have no idea. I tried something called a creamy long islander. crazy shit. so is george gonna hump someone?

Steve Wright
sixteen and a half years ago

My comment disappeared. How odd.

sixteen and a half years ago

George - The cumulative effect of all your shows, the passage of time between them and the brilliance you display in laying out all the aspects and facets of who you are ( your characters ), gave the end of episode 37 more riveting and emotional impact than any other podcast I\\\'ve listened to. The fact that you chose Mortimer to be your mouthpiece for the ending was dramatic genius. The fact that this is more than an exercise in audio drama for you is evident though, and I empathize with you more than I ever thought I could with a relatively complete stranger. But what you said through Mortimer at the end should be in everyone\\\'s handbook of life.
I hope only the best for you.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
sixteen and a half years ago

Dear Listeners-

The Maestro has been out of town quite a lot lately. Since he hasn\\\'t had the wherewithal to respond, I want you to know that he has breezed into the studio as often as possible and read your commentary and letters before he had to whisk back out again.

You might find this as compelling and interesting as I do: some of his most powerful episodes have been produced on the most diminished amount of carbohydrates and sleep.

Thank you for all your perspectives, thoughts, and kind words. The Maestro will return soon.

Ms. Information

Mike Lee
sixteen and a half years ago

heh, dunno how real this is supposed to be, as my skeptical antennae are up, thanks to the obviously rehearsed genre called \\\"Reality TV\\\". I hope it works out should this not be some little Blair Witch thingy. No insult meant to George, I\\\'m just a bit cynical.

Stupid Reality
sixteen and a half years ago

@Mike Lee

The podcast has always been a bit of a mix of reality and theater. There\'s a fine line between life and art - don\'t worry about it - just enjoy it.

sixteen and a half years ago

Well, it can\\\'t be Soccergirl, because what then about Ryan P? And don\\\'t forget, this was already going on before Balti.. uh I mean Dragoncon.

I guess there are two possibilities. Either it is \\\"something\\\" about a girl, and George has mastered the \\\"reality soap\\\" to an as yet unattained master-level.
Or he\\\'s fooling us with his superior drama-fiction. While there is something \\\"real\\\" about it, it could be quite mundane like having to call his mother to ask to punch an extra hole in his newly bought belt. Or something like that.

Either way, he has got me hooked. I\\\'m looking for clues in previous podcasts, and in podcasts and other shows linked in the past podcasts.
George, whatever you\\\'re thinking right now (chuckling or being miserable or ...), you are a master at what you do.


Puam from Belgium

Ari from Boston
sixteen and a half years ago

Ah, go for it. If you don\\\'t you\\\'ll just be kicking yourself for ages.

(of course, the guy who used the voicemail show for \\\"Wingin\\\' It\\\" to propose to his wife might not be the best example to go by, but picking her up at the airport with a dozen roses and an engagement ring didn\\\'t hurt much, neither.)

Good luck!

Steve Andrew
sixteen and a half years ago

And another wise man once said something like, \"Search your feelings, you know it to be true.\" Admittedly he\'d just hacked off his own son\'s hand and was threatening the poor fellow with a glowing sword, but I think the sentiment is appropriate in this situation.
Just to change the subject, George, do you know where I can get a Cursed Wurst? Sounds spicy.

sixteen and a half years ago

I\\\'m definitely late to the party, here, Geo. Totally behind you, man. Good luck. Mortimer
was spot on, I think I\\\'m going to start a Mortimer
cult. We can call ourselves Morties and wear
WWMD bracelets!

Uh, that stands for \\\"WHAT Weapons of Mass Destruction?!?!?!?!?!?\\\"

P.C. Haring
sixteen and a half years ago


Hope all goes well with her. I find myself in a similiar situation and found Mortimer to be helpful for me as well.

Also, to add onto the conversation with the pharmacist. As far as I know, CarrieP is correct in that HIPPAA will let the pharmacist tell her friend \\\"I totally sold George Hrab a perscription today\\\". As she\\\'s identified you, she can\\\'t tell that friend what it is she sold you. But, on the flip side, she could have also said \\\"I totally sold a customer X Prescription\\\". But again, because she identified the Prescription she sold, she can not identify to whom she sold it. So basically by law she can not say \\\"I sold George Hrab X Prescription.\\\" She can only give one piece of information, but not both.

Again, best of luck with asking her. May yours go better than mine!

almost seventeen years ago

[feedtroll]Wow. D\\\'ya suppose Mr. Ellipses could be Larry Craig trying out a new form of tapping? There\\\'s a long and rather sad tradition of closet-cases hurling butchybitchy abuse as the first step in flirting, after all.[/feedtroll]

almost seventeen years ago

Hey George, I feel like I\\\'m a day late on all of this, but I also feel the need to comment because I\\\'ve just been lurking for too long.

So I\\\'ll say this:

A wise man once told me \\\"the only advice I can give on a large scale is GO FOR IT\\\"

I don\\\'t think it really matters what it is...

Stupid Reality
almost seventeen years ago

Great show George, and brilliant ending.

I first heard about you through Skepticality a couple of years ago, but only found your podcast by accident last month, and I\'d just like to say that it\'s been an absolute pleasure to have on my iPod.

Oh yeah, and like everyone else is saying, good luck with that thing.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
almost seventeen years ago

Dear Ellipsis Person-

You are so shocking and edgy and tough in your anonymity.

Ms. Information

almost seventeen years ago

Dear CarrieP-

Can I have a cup of hot cocoa also?


Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
almost seventeen years ago

Dear Ellipsis Person-

Allow me to clear up a few things.

1- What you mean to write is \\\"too old\\\" since \\\"too\\\" is an adverb and specifically a submodifier, not a preposition or an infinitive marker.

2- The Maestro is younger than 40 by some years.

3- He dresses immaculately and stylishly and is always well-groomed. He has exquisite taste. He is an excellent cook and an extraordinarily good shopper. He\\\'s helped me re-decorate my house. Perhaps this is what you mean by fag.

Any more questions?

Ms. Information

almost seventeen years ago

Dear Ms. Information,

1. Let me assure you that \\\"to old\\\" was not a typo, but my inability to grasp some basic grammar concepts.

2. Really?! NO!

3. That\\\'s exactly what I mean by fag. That and he likes it in the butt.


almost seventeen years ago

Gentlmen, gentlemen,

I\\\'m fair sure that Soccergirl is not the girl in question here. It\\\'s pretty clear to me that they are just friends.

To quote the Jedi Master, \\\"There is another.\\\"

almost seventeen years ago

Shalalalalala My Oh My
Look at De Boy, too Shy
He Gotta... Ask De Girl..

Sorry about that. Too much Disney in my youth.

Hope things work out, and that you never reap the whirlwind for using that Future Calling Hack. You break the EULA like that, the Time Violations Bureau gets really vicious. Last guy they caught got sentenced to being tossed back half a century in time, and tasked with being his younger self\\\'s old confidant...

Omigosh, Mortimer could be you, Geo!

almost seventeen years ago

Moo-Whaa. Nice Zappa bit! Nice Cliffhanger!

almost seventeen years ago

I hope this is bigger than asking some girl out. Aren\\\'t you like 40? And isn\\\'t 40 a little to old to be acting out a John Hughes movie?

I hope she said no.


almost seventeen years ago

Do it, man!

Steve Andrew
almost seventeen years ago

He may be a curmudgeonly old bastard, but maybe Mortimer really is the wisest of sages. You should take his advice (for a change), you\'ll regret it if you don\'t.

almost seventeen years ago

Christ in a sidecar, I\\\'m on the edge of my seat....

almost seventeen years ago

Tonight on a very special Geologic Podcast....

2 words man

almost seventeen years ago

and if it doesn\\\'t turn out well, then take comfort that you are a good looking guy living near the most unattractive city in the country (philly). I\\\"m sure there is someone out there willing to \\\'raise your spirits\\\' so to speak ;)