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Oct 31, 2007

The Show Notes:

Mr. Ellipses
Zappa plays Zappa on Wednesday
More Mr. Ellipses
Polka Twilight Zone
Soccergirl's Mocktoberfest Video Series
Geo's Mom reads Jay-Z Lyrics

- "Izzo"  from Collision Course
Halloween Poison Candy Myth
Interesting Fauna Halloween Edition
- Cymothoa Exigua sent in by Bryan McCloskey
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
- Pastor Peter Curtis sent in by Dave Lim
- John Skehan, Michael Hickey and Francis Guinan sent in by BF Press
A sad anniversary
A song for Oscar
Ask George
- practice time  from Bruno Van de Casteele
- history of the catholic church  from André Goguen
- workout secrets / "we"  from Bryan McCloskey
- "Hot Topic" atheists  from Mari from Michigan
- dealing with proselytizers  from Mike Oliver
- Soccergirl topless and conspiracy theories  from Alexander van Houten
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Mentioned in the show: Oscar; Ms. Information's studio; Secret Origins of the Bible Tim Callahan; Who Wrote the Gospels? Randel Helms; Misquoting Jesus Bart D. Ehrman; Picture Perfect Weight Loss Howard M. Shapiro; Gym Jones; and Soccergirl, Incorporated.

And as always: visit the sites in the Geologic Universe. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and now you can write to Geo's Mom, too!

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fifteen and a half years ago


sixteen and a half years ago

Love the podcast! I\\\'ve been working my way through the previous episodes, and I wanted to say I really liked Song for Oscar. I was very moved. It was great. I didn\\\'t see it on any of your current records, so I\\\'ll hope it\\\'s on the next one.

I too found the Gym Jones site. It lead me to Ever been there? For those interested, they have a HUGE selection of videos of all the exercises and workouts. It\\\'s a whole community, and it\\\'s where Mark Twight from Gym Jones got a lot of his techniques, etc. They post a workout everyday. I\\\'ve been doing it for about two months and it completely kicks my ass.

Anyway, great podcast, and keep it up! Thanks.

Steve Andrew
sixteen and a half years ago

ComputerKing - About the Latin quote... I studied Latin at school when I was a kid. I enjoyed it, but never really pursued it any further after school so I\'m no expert, but here\'s some of what I remember about pronunciation.

Most letters that can be either hard or soft in modern English, were always pronounced as hard in Latin. The letter C was hard because K was rarely used, meaning \"Caesar\" was pronounced \"Kaiser\". G was always hard because J was used where a soft pronunciation was needed.

Also, the way I was taught, letter V was often used in place of U and W, so we were always taught to pronounce it soft. Therefore the famous phrase \"Veni Vidi Vici\" was pronounced \"Waynee Weedee Weekee\".

Our Latin teacher spoke with a very thick Welsh accent, that might have affected how we were taught. So all of what I\'ve just said may be completely wrong.

sixteen and a half years ago

I\\\'ve done the \\\"No thanks, i worship satan\\\" thing too. Works great.

Stupid Reality
sixteen and a half years ago


You\'re not suggesting that the rules should be *rational* are you? Imagine that ;)

George Hrab
sixteen and a half years ago

I\\\'d love to see the look on the guy who\\\'s told he\\\'s 144,001.


Thanks for the correction guys!


George Hrab
sixteen and a half years ago

No, no... those are Keeblers.


You know... I\\\'d sooner want to join a bunch of elves making cookies in a tree , than folks too stupid to take blood transfusions.



sixteen and a half years ago

Wonderful podcast, but one correction... the 144,000 \\\"reserved spots\\\" in the Jehovah\\\'s Witnesses camp have already been taken,and the roaming recruiters are not actually recruiting for those spots so unfortunately that argument doesn\\\'t work against them. I learned this a while back when Ryan Sutter was on the Infidel Guy podcast... Ryan has an archive of his interview with the Infidel Guy here:

sixteen and a half years ago

Hey George, I love your show. I\\\'ve been listening since the start of the podcast, but I\\\'ve been particularly enjoying all of your 30-whatever episodes.

Your song about Oscar got me all choked up! I had to say goodbye in a very similar way to my 19 year old cat about 6 weeks ago. Man, I really miss him. He had a very long, good life, and I\\\'m glad I could be there at the end of it, even though I had dreaded that day for a long time. I really related to everything you said about that experience, so thank you for that.

Your mom is AWESOME too!

sixteen and a half years ago

That Kirk Cameron line made me spit!
Great! Just great!
Good luck w/ the romantic adventures. I\\\'m at the edge of my seat here.

sixteen and a half years ago

your a cigarette lol ^^ good pod cast i tell your a
cigarette to your face but i\\\'m in Australia good work with your pod cast

lingo is funny latter mate

sixteen and a half years ago

I must say, I love your podcast! Just found it a week or so ago.

As an ex-anti-theist (too many hyphens? I don\\\'t know) who still shops at Hot Topic occasionally, I loved your bit on them. For me, I was rebelling against the Utah culture, I guess, but doing that actually got me more interested in science.

Story time! One of my friends told me that I was horrible at arguing against religion because all I would do is curse god and tell people they were stupid. After being told that, I started to do research, building arguments and learning all I could about all religions. Of course, in the midst of this, I realized that arguing about invisible friends is a losing battle.

After all of that research on religion and the science behind evolution, I have decided that I want to become a teacher. I was never taught evolution in biology or even critical thinking in general, so I want to try to teach these things to the children.

Wow, that is a really incoherent post. My grammar is horrible and I use commas too often.

Doug in Alaska
sixteen and a half years ago

Wow, another link to FPM...

Joe Murphy was taken by Leiomyosarcoma too...

The closest I ever came to meeting him was sending seafood to the Draco Vista Studios...

Doug in Alaska
sixteen and a half years ago

/me Misses Joe

sixteen and a half years ago

I wanted to get something straight. In Geo\\\'s Mom\\\'s segment, she gave the eternal quote: \"Cogito Ergo Sum\".

I want to know, is her pronunciation of Cogito (with a hard G instead of soft, the way I usually pronounce it) the proper way of saying it? I\\\'m not a Latin student, so I don\\\'t know.

sixteen and a half years ago

Your song for Oscar made me cry on the bus :( Then you made me laugh like a loon. It was a very emotional bus ride.

Anyone interested in (factual) biblical and church history should check out Robert M. Price, better known as the Bible Geek
Anyone who listens to the Infidel Guy Show will be familiar with him, and you can submit questions to this veritable fount of biblical knowledge at This guy is a theological encyclopedia. With a sense of humour, and a penchant for horror fiction...

sixteen and a half years ago

Just a small little thing about your mom\\\'s \\\"Jay Z\\\" lyrics. I believe that\\\'s actually written and originally produced by Linkin Park. I\\\'ve at least seen their rapper doing those lyrics in concert. (Not my choice of concert, but it\\\'s better than pop country & rap-tards) That would explain how I actually know those lyrics. Otherwise, there\\\'s no way.

Oh, and smack that pussy assed coward in the face for me!! Eat his childrens flesh!

I\\\'ve become so numb I can\\\'t feel you there,
Become so tired so much more aware
I\\\'m becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

Steve Wright
sixteen and a half years ago

Great show, George.

Check the name on the URL for this church!

The name cracked me up! And the fact that someone there said \"Let\'s get that URL!\"

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
sixteen and a half years ago


At first I thought this was a meta site, but now I think it\\\'s legit. And someone else must have said \\\"Let\\\'s get rid of this URL!\\\" This is now the message:

\\\"The transfer of content to a different server with a new domain name is progressing. The change will be completed soon. Updated content is on the new site.\\\"

...which is

Thanks for the laugh.

Stupid Reality
sixteen and a half years ago

As always, nice show!

I saw the Mocktoberfest video over at Soccergirl yesterday - I think surreal just about covers it. If the show got itself a midget and some red velvet curtains it\\\'d be very David Lynch.

sixteen and a half years ago

We had an antique dog in the family for quite a while...

sixteen and a half years ago

You romantic devil, you!

Seems to me, Mr. Ellipses isn\\\'t worth your breath.

Most of the books by Bart Ehrman are really good. I\\\'ve read, \\\"When Jesus Became God\\\" and \\\"Lost Christianities\\\".

Also, The Teaching Company, has some great lecture series recordings. A bunch in the religion section are by Mr Ehrman, \\\"Historical Jesus\\\", \\\"Lost Christianities: ...\\\", \\\"History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon\\\"

I also, HIGHLY RECOMMEND from the Teaching Company, \\\"Einstein\\\'s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Non-Scientists, 2nd Edition\\\" presented by Richard Wolfson. REALLY well presented.

sixteen and a half years ago

Go, Geo, Go!

George Hrab
sixteen and a half years ago

Mmmmm... candy.

I always give myself a Halloween dispensation on SUGAR GOODNESS.


The workouts start tomorrow.



Steve Andrew
sixteen and a half years ago

A parasite that becomes a fish\'s tongue? That has to be the grimmest thing I\'ve ever heard!

Also, my fiancée and I regularly get Jehovah\'s Witnesses knocking on our door and we\'ve often used the \"I worship Satan\" line on them. The looks on their faces are priceless every time.

Excellent show as ever, Geo!

sixteen and a half years ago

Go Geo! :-D