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Nov 21, 2007

The Show Notes:

Global Gender Gap Rank
How should you act when you first meet someone?
Transformers STINKS
The Way of Yahweh
The History Chunk

- too much stuff to list...
Car repairs vs. bank account
U.K. John chimes in
Ask George  
- alcohol question  from Mike
- drums question  from another Mike
- defending atheism question  from Cole
- proving humanity / intelligence  from Guy
Way too many turkey facts
Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody


Mentioned in the show: Philadelphia Funk Authority at the Concert Hall at Merchants Square and tickets online; the Kirk Cameron banana video; Geo explains and performs Barney's in the Vent (the song is available at iTunes); drum resources at Zzounds and Musician's Friend; Michael Shermer's Why People Believe Weird Things; a list of Richard Dawkins videos; and the fabulous Soccergirl, Incorporated.

And as always: visit the sites in the Geologic Universe, including both MySpace pages: georgehrab and hrab. Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and now you can write to Geo's Mom, too!

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almost fifteen years ago

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over sixteen years ago

I loved The Way of Yahweh except Ray Comfort isn\'t an Aussie, he is from New Zealand.

For future reference, with a New Zealand accent you pronounce \'i\' as \'u\' when it appears in the middle of a word (its pronounced correctly at each end word).

For example Fish and chips sounds like Fush and chups - Tim is Tum - Six is sux.

Doug in Alaska
over sixteen years ago

Lucy, I agree with carriep re: direct approach possibly being wrong in that circumstance. At least for me, there has to be a large amount of trust, and a certain level of personality compatibility, in order to accept direct communication in that form.

Granted, with hind sight being 20/20, a different attitude towards my \\\"disability\\\", and the relatively light severity in relation to being wheelchair bound, I see things in a different light, but you really should get to know someone and how they will accept info before attempting to support a person. Sometimes there just is no talking to someone and trying to offer support without getting burned. Sad, but true...

over sixteen years ago

On Transformers: You are absolutely right! Ironically, this is the movie that began my TF fandom, and once I learned more about the series, I became more and more aware that Michael Bay is a fucktard! Few here are fans, but if you are, you\\\'ll know that Bumblebee frickin\\\' peeing on the agent should not be in a movie about robots, Starscream, and all the other Decepticons for that matter, collectively had the amount of lines that Jazz had, Megatron popped up at the very end of the movie, Starscream\\\'s plot to overthrow Megatron is not mentioned, there was waaay to much emphasis on Bumblebee, and the biggest bitch of all:
The only hope is a sequel. A good sequel. One with Soundwave, Ultra Magnus, Grimlock, Galvatron, and George Lucas directing. Maybe Peter Jackson, but King Kong left me with doubts. Still, anyone can direct Transformers 2 but Michael Bay. Sequels are usually worse than the first, maybe this one will work in reverse. Sorry Optimus, Megatron, and everyone in the real Transformers. Michael Bay wasn\\\'t thinking.

over sixteen years ago

I wanted to see the Gender Gap study for myself so I searched it online:

It says that the US is 17th on the list. While that is still not very good, I was wondering where Geo got 31? Am I looking at the wrong study? If I am, could you send the link for the right study?

The skit with SoccerGirl is something everyone should hear. I think I\\\'ve turned a few people to the Geologic Podcast just based on that skit.

Also, I looked at the YouTube video that the skit was based on. Do they know that humans have made bananas the way they are? If God exists then he made them too small originally. We made them bigger and better.

Great show...

Stupid Reality
over sixteen years ago

Nomination for religious moron(s) of the week:,8599,1687755,00.html

\\\"British primary school teacher Gillian Gibbons has been arrested in Sudan, accused of insulting Islam\\\'s Prophet by letting her class of 7-year-olds name a teddy bear Mohammed.\\\"

over sixteen years ago

i knew wheelchair pick her name was kelly vinsant

back in year 7 school she was really sad
about being in wheelchair she been in it all her life she made a pool of sadnesss all around her. i told her to cheer up there are sader things in the world, aspergers for instance or were
ner pelicans i hate pelicans or had only one arm i was morbish child. was taken out of class and told off apeertly my chat made her cry wft

kelly whated the world to fell sorry for her i had no apathy when i was 11 i what sich it on and off like switch

allso bet you cant gess were the photos were taken

Ted Haulley
over sixteen years ago

I too was going to go off on Michael Bay. He is one of the WORST directors ever. I never liked the original Transformers cartoon, so I haven\\\'t bothered with the movie.

Now a pointless historical clarification: The HMS Britannic (sister ship to the Titanic and Olympic) was operating as a hospital ship during World War I when it struck a German Mine and sank.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

---wondering why historical clarification would be pointless---

Ted H.
over sixteen years ago

Maybe pointless isn\\\'t the best word. It has no bearing on the segment, but I thought I would just clarify that it wasn\\\'t a bomb or a torpedo, but a mine.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Dear Ted-

Clarify away, my friend. All facts welcome!

Ms. I.

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago


YUP, Slau is THE Slau. One of the most talented MoFo\\\'s out there. I played drums on the Weight of Words, and am stupidly proud of my tiny contribution to that record. If you haven\\\'t heard it- GO GET IT NOW.



Doug in Alaska
over sixteen years ago


I agree with Geo. If you look at history, the most amazing people are those that have gone through trials. Digging into religion, I know, but here\\\'s an example: Fanny Crosby. Blind as a bat, but look at all the hymns she wrote. I have a Visual Impairment of my own, and while I have it easy, the most amazing are people deal with difficulties(the more difficulties, the more amazing). Those that are \\\"normal\\\" don\\\'t deal with the, I\\\'ll say it, shit those that aren\\\'t \\\"normal\\\" deal with. As long as you don\\\'t let it break you, it can only make you stronger.

Dqoug in Alaska
over sixteen years ago

Ah, anther example: Slau. Slau get teh title The Slau because he makes up for his lack of sight with other senses, thus enabling him to be great things. Very few(if any) win the \"superhuman lottery\", but I like to think that those of us presented with obstacles in every day life come closer to than those that have it easy.

Ben in Japan
over sixteen years ago

On turkeys: Some species of wild hens can use parthenogenesis if there are no toms present. (don\\\'t remember hearing this or not)

On Transformers: Did anyone else notice that the only Autobot to die was the black-sounding one (Jazz)?

over sixteen years ago

yeah, Michael Bay was the original reason I stayed away from the movie, but I kept hearing good things from all my friends and then from the folks over at Geeklabel Radio and SoSF/WI3d and I started to second guess myself. I\\\'m glad I kept waiting.

over sixteen years ago

-Ms. Information or Geo,
Quick question (I know I should of asked 2 episodes ago), is the Slau that you talk about the same Slau that made the album \\\"the weight of words\\\"? I heard some samples and I liked what I heard.

over sixteen years ago

Wow! That is the first negative critique I\\\'ve heard of \\\"Transformers: the movie\\\". I\\\'ve yet to see it myself. Now I\\\'m wondering if I should blow away 2 hours doing so.

Wow! part deux. Another comrade in non-alcoholic-drinking arms. I was wondering if I was the only one. I too have had some memories that made me not want to do any drugs (except for chocolate, caffeine and prescription of course), and I\\\'m a control freak and can\\\'t imagine letting myself go, while under the influence. That really frightens me!!

over sixteen years ago

Ah, the pause at 19:44 was a production error or part of the grand conspiracy of hidden messages? Damn it.


Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Hello All-

Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday.

This year, as ever, I\\\'m thankful to the Maestro: for his work, his commitment to the sublime and the ridiculous, his music, his friendship, and a place in the Geologic Universe (which keeps me from my penchant for causing trouble in deluxe Manhattan hotels and cattle farms in central Pennsylvania.)

I\\\'m also grateful for all of you- skeptics, listeners, fans, commenters- you make this very fun and very satisfying. Frankly, you confirm for me that there is intelligent life in the universe. Thank you so much for being the smartest, most thoughtful, very best audience.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and, all you travelers, let\\\'s be careful out there.

all best,
Ms. Information

The Stringy Turkey (thixen)
over sixteen years ago

Ms. I
I have a cattle farm in south western PA that\\\'s ripe for some mayham. Ever in the area and feel up to it let me know.

Dwight from Ottawa
over sixteen years ago

Way of Yahweh oh shit too funny , and it almost got me fired, I\\\'m not kidding my boss (BIG fan of the big J) Wanted to know what I was laughing about , I told him he wouldn\\\'t find if funny, I got a big lecture on tolerance and such, and he\\\'s a Christian?
Happy Thanksgiving to Geo and friends , thanks for keeping us laughing and thinking Geo!

over sixteen years ago

\\\"This is a pause for UK John...\\\"

I feel like I\\\'m missing a valuable part of the puzzle.

The Stringy Turkey (thixen)
over sixteen years ago

Ohh and I rather liked Transformers, I\\\'m sorry that you didn\\\'t. I too went in expecting nothing but \\\'Geek Porn\\\' and just like porn you got some great visuals with horrible dialog. Instead of T&A though you got giant battling robots. It\\\'s also a movie that makes you think (granted the thought is \\\'humm if this crap can get made maybe I can write a movie\\\', but it\\\'s still a thought.)

The Stringy Turkey (thixen)
over sixteen years ago

urrgh forgot one last thought. - On this Thanksgiving, your wonderful commenters are thankful for your wonderful podcast that allow us to make wonderful comments. Geo keep up the good work. Recaptcha words Stoner Columbus a hidden truth perhaps? :D

over sixteen years ago

I tend to listen to the podcast at work too, and I have to say that today\\\'s \\\"Way of Yahweh\\\" injured me. Because when you have to bust a gut and hold it in at the same time, a tiny bit of your spleen implodes. Not a happy spleen. But hey, great podcast. Don\\\'t worry about me.

over sixteen years ago

David Ring. Now there\\\'s a name I haven\\\'t heard in many a year. I\\\'ve heard him preach on many occasions. Pretty inspiring fellow...even though he preaches the same 5 sermons over and over again. Oh well, I guess even a preacher has to have a repertoire.

To see who David Ring is:

The Stringy Turkey (thixen)
over sixteen years ago

Just listened to the show (good show as expected) and now I\\\'m listening to Technorama. The this week in history segments are identical down to the wording (jokes are different though) you all must use the same websites to research this stuff. Both are fabulous shows so it shows that talented people think alike.