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Jan 16, 2008

The Show Notes:

John Blesso's Byrne Burn
Ms. Information's Birthday
The History Chunk
IKEA product meeting
Religious Moron of the Week

Russian Doomsday cult- from Jim Blackwell
Mike Huckabee- from Carrie P.
Wireless power and the Roberti Theorum


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Ms. Information says: Omigosh- Duzheh dyockooyoo, Ukes! That is the best birthday present. And the second best would be if you invite the Maestro to perform in your home. Thanks, kids!

over fifteen years ago

LG F1 laptop battery

sixteen and a half years ago two are acting like total n00bs


sixteen and a half years ago

What about Nikola Tesla?
He came up with the idea for Wireless POWER back in the 1800\\\'s

julio from ny
sixteen and a half years ago

I definitely wouldn\\\'t want to mess with those monsters from crescent station. They sure love to hang in the black.

julio from ny
sixteen and a half years ago

will do. I\\\'m using this cool plugin on Firefox that treats this comment page like an rss reader. So now I don\\\'t have to make any guesses when new comments come up. It just tells me. W007!! that is how you spell it, right? Or is it just WOOT?

julio from ny
sixteen and a half years ago

wow.. that huckabee thing is frightening. Especially because, atm, he is one of the top three for the Republican party. What disturbed me more, is that when I told my mother-in-law about it, she didn\\\'t see a problem with adding God to the constitution (She\\\'s a devout Catholic), Even explaining to her how the founding fathers all had different p.o.v. on ethics and religion and why they came to the conclusion that they did, didn\\\'t dissuader her from thinking that Huckabee had a good idea. 8 years of Bush was bad enough, I really hope we don\\\'t have 4 years with that loon. Man, it seems like Orwell\\\'s \\\"1984\\\" novel is becoming less and less like fiction which each passing presidential term. Maybe learning a new language and emigrating isn\\\'t such a bad move after all... I wonder...

sixteen and a half years ago

At least Bush only tells us that he believes the things that his handlers tell him to tell us so that he gets votes and then doesn\\\'t have to act on them.

Huckabee actually believes them and wants to put them into practice.

I\\\'m still not sure how I missed those comments though...I must have been too distracted by the plane pulling the Ron Paul banner (coolest political ad ever).

Is Canada far enough Carrie? Are you sure you wouldn\\\'t rather go into the black?



sixteen and a half years ago

You said spooge, fnar. Actually I think my mum may have Spooge coffee table...

sixteen and a half years ago

We may not be in the \\\'End Times\\\', but I think we really are in VERY VERY SCARY TIMES.

The fact that Huckabee can be a player on the national stage with the crazy stuff he says, is just too much to deal with.

Your IKEA skit was the absolute best IKEA centered entertainment since JoCo\\\'s song. One more and I think IKEA will become its own genre.

Steve Wright
sixteen and a half years ago

CarrieP, do you have a link to the Huckabee comment?

Dwight From Ottawa
sixteen and a half years ago

George you ever get up to Canada to play?

sixteen and a half years ago

How weird is it that Ms. Information and Jack Mangan share the same birthday...

Mari from Michigan
sixteen and a half years ago

You know - I bet that IS how they name products at IKEA...