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Jan 25, 2008

The Show Notes:

Georgia O'Keefe's Flowers
Holy crap- it’s show fifty
Super Special Semi-Centennial Celebrity Guest Interview


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Ms. Information says: Thanks for waiting, kids!

over fifteen years ago

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over sixteen years ago


you are really an egoistic, egocentric and belly-button-staring prick. Interviewing yourself! And doing a terrific job, too! What a disgrace that you can so pull this off with your talent, your wit and with what you say.

You force me to be a loyal fan!


Stupid Reality
over sixteen years ago

Now I can\\\'t remember what I was going to say...

*insert indeterminable period of time here*

...oh yeah, that\\\'s it. I agree with Carrie. On both points.

I thought that the show worked well. It\\\'s great that you constantly come up with variations on the theme, and it\\\'s always interesting to see a bit more of the picture.

And I absolutely hope that you keep going with the podcast (in whatever form works best for you). It\\\'s become the highlight of my podcasts and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I\\\'d really miss it.

(And unfortunately it\\\'s about a 17 hour flight for me to pop over and catch a gig :)

Stupid Reality
over sixteen years ago

Thanks Carrie. I also downloaded the dozen or so videos from the infamous Balticon-foyer-Geo-versus-the-muzak show. Nice.

Have to love an audience participation version of Under Pressure.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago


I\'m posting these videos in two different threads:

You might be interested in two YouTube sites we have:
Geologic Records:
Philadelphia Funk Authority:

At Geologic Records you can see performances at the 2006 Ice House show with the 10-piece Geologic Orchestra:
\"Blind\" a Talking Heads cover:


Ms. Info

ps Apparently, LibSyn was allergic to my code in the comments section, therefore the naked site addresses.

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago

Jeez Carrie- It took you a whole nine minutes to post a comment...



Enjoy. The show stinks.


over sixteen years ago

Yay! Comments!

Happy 50th, Geo. Thank you for sharing your prodigious talents so the rest of us can laugh.

CarrieP, your comments combined with Geo\'s episode notes for the 50th show scared the pee out of me. Until I listened, I thought he had already decided to quit! Horrors! But I don\'t suffer from Carrie\'s restraint or good taste, so...

Geo, if you quit I\'m going to drive to Philly in a diaper and hold your guitar hostage. Just so you know.

(On the other hand you seem to have the kind of energy and talent that would have allowed you to be a member of Monty Python, so if you move on to better things I\'ll sympathize completely. But I have a box of Pampers sitting here just in case.)