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Feb 7, 2008

More Best Of The Geologic Podcast

Mortimer's Intro

Polkas and Poop - from show 36

Gay or Southern - from show 31

The Way of Yahweh - from show 41

The Pretentious Percussionist - from show 31

Uncle Thaddeus Calls from Hosen-Hosen - from show 37

Geo dies and talks to god - from show 32

Padre Bingo: Time Traveling Inappropriate Rock & Roll Scream Guy - from show 32

Coughsong - from show 48

Geologic Mysticalle Faerie Tale Storiey Thyme - from show 34

Baby Public Service I - from show 45

Ikea Names - from show 49

Baby Public Service II - from show 45

Jesus and Morty - from show 51

Mortimer's Outro


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over nine years ago

I really love this podcast

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fifteen and a half years ago


fifteen and a half years ago

Great stuff Geo, but I was shocked to see that the christian porn wasn\\\'t there. That was one of the best skits ever.

fifteen and a half years ago

Allow me to say, once more, \\\"SHIT NOW. YOU NEED TO SHIT NOW\\\".

It probably shows the low level of my intelligence, but it still is one of the lines I vividly remember and keep on quoting from the Geologic Podcast.

fifteen and a half years ago

Padre Bingo always makes me think of Dr. Rockso, The Rock \\\'n\\\' Roll Clown (he does cocaine) from Metalocalypse.....

I hope someone else gets that reference....


fifteen and a half years ago

I have to admit that the Virgin Mary (but wait, in Latin V is pronounced like a W, so wouldn\'t that be Wirgin Mary?) is the thing that always pops to mind when I see that title.

Hey, I\'ve thought of a succinct description for the podcast that could be used to promote it. \"The Geologic Podcast: it\'s like having your ear canals gently tongue-fucked by Mel Brooks and Monty Python for an hour.\"

Damn, I should be in marketing.

fifteen and a half years ago

Really? She\\\'s gonna be like that? Hope it\\\'s a joke.

Is Carrie P on vacation? Is she still in morning like we in Massachusetts are?

fifteen and a half years ago

One problem with the show:

You went OVER the 80 minute limit of Audio CD-R/W. You\\\'ve been SO good about this thru all of your past eps, so whahoppen?

And, I\\\'s still waiting to hear if they is a foh-rum.